in haus press

Today marks the first day that I get a break from working on the summer newspaper. We finally handed over the files to our designer, and now we get a few weeks to dive back into regular site work. It’s funny how an intense project can make returning to regular day-to-day work seem positively leisurely. Our next newspaper has a camping theme, so I still have camp imagery on my mind. These stationery designs from In Haus kind of nail the look we were going for, and I’m tempted to get a few of them to frame with our projects from this paper. I’m trying to get better about creating little mood boards for projects, and these would have been perfect for ours. In Haus sells cards, stationery and notes with outdoorsy themes (my favorites are above and below) that you can check out — and shop — online right here. Here’s to warmer weather and getting outside . . . xo, grace


I just adore that canoe and oar stationery….
If I were to treat myself to some new paper-
that would be first on my list.
Thanks IN HAUS for making SWEET STUFF…..