ian dingman for iolabs

Some part of my brain is totally unwilling to let go of my fascination with pink, peach and coral. Whenever I see those colors, my fingers get itchy, and I feel the need to write about, share or take the object home. This new print from Ian Dingman uses those colors beautifully, and it’s now for sale as part of iolabs’ spring series of papercuts. “Gust” is printed with archival inks and mounted on a bamboo panel that’s easy to hang just about anywhere. You can also pick up an unmounted print (on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper) if you want to hang this more simply with clips or pins. No matter how you display it, those colors are spot on for summer. Click here to check it out and pick up a print online ($20+). xo, grace

Meredith Thayer

Ahhh! so so cool! Congrats to my lovely neighbors!! IOLabs is literally our neighbor in the mill building in RI. I walk through a “secret passage” from our factory to their beautiful studio. IOLabs did all the photography prints and framing in our office renovation. Their work is amazing. So cool seeing this up and here and I definitely will buy one of these prints. Thanks for sharing, Grace. . . hope you make it down to visit their studio and maybe tour our factory too while you’re at it.


Oh Design Sponge…sigh…how DO you do it?! Right now, my husband and I are hunting for a soothing ‘boat’ picture, and YET again, you’ve hit the nail on the head, I l.o.v.e this, thanks! (Now just to check they deliver to the U.K…)


(Update) Woop! They JUST started international delivery! Can’t wait to hang it :)