halona glass plant toppers

Oh, Halona Glass. You can do no wrong in my book. Ever since Kate surprised us with a gorgeous arrow-shaped prism from Halona this spring, I’ve been giving them as gifts whenever I have an excuse. So I was happy to see that Halona added some new pieces to their Etsy shop, including this beautiful plant topper. Toppers turn any potted plant into a mini-terrarium and are particularly good for plants that need a little extra TLC. This one has beveled triangles that create beautiful patterns on the wall when light passes through them. Even if you don’t have plants, this would be beautiful as a small sculpture, paperweight or display for your favorite jewelry. Click here to check out and shop ($120–$140) Halona’s full collection online. xo, grace


I love the reflection from these! I just wish they weren’t black on the edges. Looks like that’s a trend these days.


recommend not to use on any edible plants/herbs, lead from solder will easily leach to plants at significant rate, nice look though!


Thats great to know Carol. There is lead free solder, so you should check to see what kind was used.


A plant in direct sun under glass, unvented, will do a fast impression of the ant on the sidewalk burnt to a crisp under the magnifying glass.

North facing windows would be safest with these baubles.

Keeping terrarium plants under them in an area of indirect household light would be ideal. (Match the size of the pot opening to the base of the glass piece.)

ps. Part of the value of houseplants is that they give off oxygen and take in what we exhale, CO2. Some plants even cleanse the air of pollutants like formaldehyde. Closing them in entirely would reduce their benefits.

I can see the appeal, though.


Gosh! We love the integration of using plants and dancing lights with a simple and inexpensive touch. We’ve been playing with an idea of installing microfiber pin lights into the wall of a current remodel to emulate that same jewel-like effect!