furniture for breakfast

I’ve only been to the Milan Furniture Fair once, back when I was fortunate enough to travel on assignment for House & Garden (and on their budget). It was a whirlwind experience, and I found myself longing for a little more whimsy in the designs (I later found some in the satellite shows). I haven’t attended the fair since then, but I was glad to see that this year’s show offered more tongue-in-cheek pieces that played around with the idea of furniture in a fun and fresh way. This “furniture tasting” waffle iron is from Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira, and it allows you to produce, essentially, a completely edible collection of dollhouse living room furniture. Is this a super functional design? Perhaps not (although you can eat what you make), but it’s a clever way to play with design while bringing up the topic of mass production. Although I may have to be in favor of mass production if it means plates full of tasty furniture-shaped waffles. Click here for more information and details over at the 2DM Magazine blog. Thanks to our resident foodie, Kristina, for the tip. xo, grace

Photos via 2DM


Love it, love it, love it. Will bring delight to all ages on a Sunday morning.


how absolutely fun…would be great to make some more permanent pieces with this metal thingie for my 1940s Art Deco dollhouse. I’d paint up what I baked for my little house~

Emily Rae

This reminds me of the waffle houses Drew Barrymore’s character made in “50 First Dates”. I would totally use this, impractical though it may be!


The chair with the chocolate sauce on the seat is just wrong, lol.


This is genius, you are right Design Sponge, nice to see the humorous side of design week. Best wishes. The Llustre Team.


Oh my, this is great! Not something you’d like to use every single morning, but still great.


What a great way to play tea party with my little niece. Please let us know where we can buy this waffle maker.

frances pelzman liscio

I just pinned this. I have a feeling that this fantastic furniture wafflemaker may become today’s most pinned and repinned item. Thank you so much for finding this and sharing it! I am going to be smiling all day just picturing a plate full of these at Sunday brunch.


Can we get on some kind of waiting list or notification list to let us know when they will be available?
I am making plans for using one already!


I want one too! How can we be notified when they become available?