furniture for breakfast

by Grace Bonney

I’ve only been to the Milan Furniture Fair once, back when I was fortunate enough to travel on assignment for House & Garden (and on their budget). It was a whirlwind experience, and I found myself longing for a little more whimsy in the designs (I later found some in the satellite shows). I haven’t attended the fair since then, but I was glad to see that this year’s show offered more tongue-in-cheek pieces that played around with the idea of furniture in a fun and fresh way. This “furniture tasting” waffle iron is from Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira, and it allows you to produce, essentially, a completely edible collection of dollhouse living room furniture. Is this a super functional design? Perhaps not (although you can eat what you make), but it’s a clever way to play with design while bringing up the topic of mass production. Although I may have to be in favor of mass production if it means plates full of tasty furniture-shaped waffles. Click here for more information and details over at the 2DM Magazine blog. Thanks to our resident foodie, Kristina, for the tip. xo, grace

Photos via 2DM

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