eggplant garden hose

For someone without a yard, I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about garden hoses. Namely because it’s branch season, and filling up my demijohns (which have crazy tiny necks) with cup after cup of water is excruciating. So I’ve been looking for a hose to attach to my sink, and this purple garden hose at Terrain is at the top of my list. Since I have to change the water pretty frequently to keep them from wilting, I tend to leave my watering cans out to remind myself. And while I know it’s not super normal to leave a hose lying around the house, at least this color would make it more attractive to look at. If you need a new hose for gardening season, click here to check out this one and shop online ($58). xo, grace

Sara Funduk

We’re buying our first house this year and things like this that I would have never cared about before get me all excited now!


I’m with you, Sara! This is such a pretty color! Would definitely be more fun than the standard blue/green we see everywhere around here.


When I lived in Brooklyn I had a roof garden and luckily lived on the top floor so I had a hose that hooked up to the kitchen sink and ran up to the roof—it was kindly left behind by the previous tenant. It was a lot easier than carting full watering cans up the ladder to the roof. (Odd that Terrain doesn’t mention the hose length.)

Miss Heliotrope

Our new garden hose is copper coloured, I don’t mind tripping over it half as much now -


Looks so much like the black snake that was sitting on our fence last year. I cringe every time I see our green garden hose’s black stripe. I think hot pink might be better.