dotted drinks

Whenever I see dots related to food, I’m immediately transported back to my suburban mall’s Dippin’ Dots kiosk. Those are my preferred method of dot consumption, but if those aren’t an option (are there Dippin’ Dots in NYC? Please say there are), these polka-dotted straws are a pretty good alternative. Well, not for eating but for decorating. I have a set of these straws in stripes, but the dots would be a nice addition to the team and would easily spruce up an afternoon drink. Or, if you’re like me and have to trick yourself into drinking more water, they’d be helpful in encouraging that. You can pick up a pack of 25 straws in purple, yellow, pink or red right here for $6. xo, grace

*PS: They come in hearts, too!


I love that there are so many cute graphic printed straws nowadays – they make even plain water fun!
p.s. I too am an avid dippin’ dots lover – thank god there is one in Charlottesville. I shamelessly googled them and you’re best bet is any tourist attraction aka madison square garden – or Jersey City. I’d go with the first option.


really cute. i think we will use these when serving our reception drinks of Winter Pimms at our wedding this December :)

holly - livingston & porter

polka dot love…
These are the perfect gift for any occasion. I usually pair up a box of fun band-aids with some cool straws and VOILA….that will put a smile on any sad face. :-)
Or they make for a fun hostess gift….{INSTANT celebration!}


Adore the heart straws! PS you can get dippin dots at some baseball stadiums (which can come in a wee yankees baseball cap container…)