diy best of: floral projects

I can’t even tell you how excited I am for spring. I know this hasn’t been a bad winter, but honestly, it isn’t the cold that bothers me. It’s the lack of sunlight. And now that sunset is officially at 7:25 pm, I’m feeling a lot happier. Of course, my happiness might also be due to the flowers that we’ve been bringing to the office. We have dogwood branches from Sprout Home, lilacs from the corner store and just last week, we got beautiful bouquets from Amy Merrick (it doesn’t hurt having a talented florist around the corner). With all these flowers, I thought it might be fun to dig into the DIY archives. You can never go wrong with a simple bunch of flowers and a vase, but if you’d like to get a little more ambitious, here are my favorite floral projects. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: A May Day floral door basket uses hellebores, tulips and rhododendrons.

Image above: A sweet violet centerpiece made with simple drinking glasses

More best of floral DIYs after the jump . . .

Image above: Floral accessories for everything from package toppers and hair ties to corsages and bracelets

Image above: Be sure to save your favorite spring flowers with our DIY flower press.

Image above: A spring floral box made using a vintage wooden box

Image above: A teapot flower arrangement made with lots of jasmine!

Image above: Grow your own! The ins and outs of plant propagation

Image above: Create wall art using dried flowers and herbs.

Image above: An easy vase project created using test tubes and a wood block

Image above: Grow wildflowers in your yard with a plantable love note. (This is a great idea for wedding invites.)

Image above: I’m a sucker for a great wreath — and they don’t have to be reserved for the holidays. Here’s a lovely spring wreath (with little mushrooms!).

Image above: A little birch bark basket, perfect for hanging on an empty coat hook

Image above: A tiny little planter made from an egg cup. A cluster of these would look great as a centerpiece.

Image above: Empty wine bottles become hanging vases.


I love these ideas, I am always looking for ways to get more flowers in my home. Thank you!


Hey Grace and co, some of the images seem to be incorrect on the plant propagation post!

Meghan @ Making Love In the Kitchen

What a beautiful gallery! I too cannot WAIT for all the summery flowery goodness to come. This is a perfect post- I’ve been sketching out the flower crown I intend to make and wear at my wedding in August. Yipee!


The begonia leaf was rooted with too much leaf stem attached. The new roots should sprout from the base of the new plantlet, and not from the end of the stem. Granted it looks more attractive the way it was rooted, but the new plant will never thrive because it does not have direct contact with soil.


I love the idea of the floral arrangements in unusual containers, such as the wine glasses and teapot. Something so simple yet elegant.