I’ve never been a big drinker. And by “not big” I mean not at all. For some reason, I don’t enjoy drinking as much as eating. If I’m going to let myself go and have fun, I’d rather it be for a chocolate high. That said, when I do drink, it tends to be something bubbly. And for me, there’s no prettier way to enjoy bubbly drinks than in a set of vintage coupes. I’ve been coveting the fantastic coupes in Amy’s bar collection, so I was happy to see these ’50s inspired pieces on the BHLDN site. The slightly pink undertone is exactly the girly-retro look that I love in barware, and the gold lining is the perfect finishing touch. I have a feeling this would make even the cheapest beer look pretty, or in my case, kombucha or sparkling water. If you’ve got fancy glasses like this, you might as well bust them out for everyday use. Click here to pick up a pair for $68 online. xo, grace

Rhiana Moussa

Grace! I have been searching for something like these little beauties everywhere! Thanks for looking into my heart.


I’m like you! Not big on drinking, but if I do it’s a sparkling wine. The only wine I like. :) I haven’t tried Kombucha yet but have been meaning to! These are so cute. I would almost use them everyday. :)

Ersi Marina

I rarely drink myself and then only champagne or dry white wine. I live in Spain, where we call this kind of glasses ‘Madame Pompadour’ because they were supposed to have the shape of her breasts!

I wouldn’t really like to have my breasts shaped this way but the coupes are gorgeous :))


I DO drink and love a good glass; these would be lovely with a little white chocolate mousse or a bright raspberry sorbet, too. I wouldn’t even mind using them for my morning yogurt!