constellation notebooks

I blame Amy (in a nice way) because my complete skepticism about astrology and all things “sky-related” has all but disappeared over the past year. I’m not reading my horoscope every day, but I’ve stopped rolling my eyes (which wasn’t a nice thing to do anyway) about the topic and have learned to love the constellations and stories related to them. In that vein, these pretty constellation notebooks at The Curiosity Shoppe (designed by Constellation & Co.) are a great way to bring a little astrology into your life without having a formal sit-down with a reader. I’m holding out for different constellations, but right now you can pick up Orion or Ursa Minor ($22 each) right here at The Curiosity Shoppe. They’d be great for jotting down observations about the night sky . . . xo, grace


Admittedly, I am very much a believer in astrology. These notebooks are lovely. It is hard to go wrong with constellations, in my opinion.


Oh my stars! I dreamt I was gazing at a sky filled with constellations last night, Orion prominently in view and the Milky Way. Nice to wake up to this post. Think I must have that Orion notebook.


Oh! I’m inspired to do something astrology-related now. Love these notebooks!


These two consellations are not in the zodiac and, therefore, are not in any way related to astrology. Sorry to be a party pooper.


these are adorable! im not one to read my horoscope much, but ohhh do i love looking up at the stars. my husband actually did one of those fantastically cheesy “name a star” deals not too long ago. it’s cool that you actually (supposedly) get to pick which constellation your star will be near. we chose orion because thats the one we can find most often. something like this would be really cute as like an ipad cover or something too! thanks for sharing!



why not just say that they are astronomy-related notebooks… that’s what they are, no need to get into the astrology argument at all :-)


642 Things to Draw just asked me to do a constellation and I utterly butchered Orion from memory. If only I’d had this loveliness on hand to help me!


I have to agree with the naysayers. Constellations—and by extension astronomy— aren’t anything to be skeptical about.

Miss Delirium

Oh wow these are supercute :) I´m not the one that reads my horoscope everyday either, but I´m very very very fascinated by the universe and astrology is something I really would like to study someday actually :-)


Ooh I hope Canis Major will be available soon. I got it tattooed this year and a matching notebook would be awesome :D


how cool! this could be a great diy too if you can’t find your favorite constellation. some exacto and confetti action perhaps?