chalk tablets

Whenever I think of chalkboards, I can’t help but think (and laugh) about this post that pretty much nailed the hipster design community perfectly. In addition to the spot-on observation that this community “would be wondering around in a leather apron if it could,” blogger Russell Davies added, “And blackboards. Everywhere there’s blackboards.” Oh, Russell. You’re so right. And I’m always falling prey to that look. Queue my love of these chalk tablets from Peg and Awl* — they’d make great specials menus at restaurants or fun shopping reminders in the kitchen. The tablets come in a set of three for $60 and are made from reclaimed leather and oak from the bleachers of Liberty High School in Philadelphia. If you’re interested in picking up the trio, click here to order online. xo, grace

*Russell should have included my favorite hipster design company trend: the “Something &/and Something” naming convention. I consider myself part of this community, so any jibe is a loving one. But I’d like to see companies embrace one name — or even three — over the pair.


Oh, man, so right on about the something & something! I’m curious how all these design trends will pan out in the end, since so many of them tend towards “classic” rather than “trendy”. I wonder what happens when classic elements aren’t popular anymore…it seems like they would stand the test of time a little better than, say, mauve carpeting?


These are really lovely! I’m gonna have to find a use for them though, but I’m sure I’ll be able to think of something. ;)


chalkboards are everywhere but I can’t help but like them. and these tablets look like a fun low-tech solution for travel with kids..cute!


These are really cool. I love the design behind it and the use of reclaimed materials.


Blackboards remind me of spelling tests in Grade 1. I love the nostalgia of them and I love that they can be used for serious things and not so serious things. It may be a trend but I’ve always loved them and will probably have them around even when it’s no longer the “thing”! :)

PatriciaF | unfound door

Ha, I love blackboards too despite the possible oversaturation… Heh: these would look perfect next to my reclaimed coffee sack storage boxes and antique sewing machine, just for the triple! Thanks also for the Russell Davies link – I live in London too and there are definitely still a lot of handtooled-iPad wielding leather bearded types about (and I still like it).. But mainly immad at 2 years ago self for missing Cory Doctorow interviewing William Gibson!