Weekly Wrap-Up + Bringing Nature Home

Over the past five or so years, there has been an amazing movement in the floral world toward loose, natural, garden-inspired arrangements. Inspired by Constance Spry, an incredible new community has grown from coast to coast that focuses on lush flowers arranged in a way that suggests natural growth rather than overly formal or forced perfection. Overtly romantic and utterly breathtaking, the work of these florists has become an obsession of mine and I’m thrilled to see it come to life in a beautiful new book.

It’s impossible to overstate just how stunning the newly released Bringing Nature Home is. Photographed and written by the incredibly talented Ngoc Minh Ngo, Bringing Nature Home is a 200+ page glossy ode to the beauty of seasonal flowers, branches and vines. The floral work inside Bringing Nature Home was done by Brooklyn’s Nicolette Owen (we did a Sneak Peek of her beautiful home here), and it’s absolutely stunning. I liked this book so much I bought two copies — one for our office and one for my home. One reason I love this book is that it’s (almost) equal parts floral and interior heaven. The homes the arrangements were photographed in are just as amazing as the flowers. Whether you’re a flower or a design lover (or both), you’re going to want this book in your home. A very, very hearty congratulations to Ngoc Minh Ngo and Nicolette Owen on what is sure to be a classic among our collections. Click here to order the book from independent sellers online (it is worth every penny, I promise).

*If you’re in the NYC area, there will be a launch party for the book at West Elm on Tuesday.

I’m heading out for the day to finish our 2012 D*S Newspaper shoot, so I’ll see you back here on Monday. Have a great weekend! xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

cindy k

i can’t wait to see the book in person and signed up for the floral arranging workshop at west elm, too. thanks for the preview.

Annie @ Plumsiena

I’ve never been able to understand why florists send out those ugly triangle and slanted arrangements with the same three flowers. And why folks would buy them!

Even though there are floral arrangers who have been arranging with beautiful material for years, they have remained under the radar in the US till now. It’s about time they take center stage!

Diana M.

Have you heard the expression ” so beautiful that my teeth hurt?” This is exactly what I feel looking at these beautiful arrangements and photos. Thank you for sharing and since we are talking here about bringing nature home, I would like to share my latest fascination with this book, you may like it too! http://bit.ly/HhKF4U

Lydia Lapwing

I’m glad Constance Spry has finally got some recognition here on this.

Her style comes to the for of necessity in recessions.

That asparagus fern looks entirely wrong with the paperwhites, et al though – it’s weight is too light with the other visual components

The Peony Dahlia is an absolute symphony colour wise eve if you have to wonder where you have to live to get both plants in flower at the same time – and that’s certainly not C.Spry inspired except in the way they sit together..

Grace Bonney


constance has gotten a lot of recognition and celebration on d*s, especially in our floral columns.



These arrangements are beautiful. I’ve actually never heard of Bringing Nature Home but will have to definitely check it out. For me, I’ve always be drawn to more natural looking decor, and that also goes for flowers. I really wish more florists would adopt these styles and shy away from the unnatural looking half dead flowers.

Wonderful blog post.

colby sutter

The photo with the blue wall color, is there any way I could find out the paint color

Jorja Heron

Flower are indeed a continuous trend of home design. It just matters on how well the designer can interpret the feel and sensation with it and i can definitely see how skillful the head person of these designs. Splendid artwork!


This article about Constance Spry was my first pin on Pinterest. So strange….