bonjour compote

I have a thing about the word “compote.” I hate it. It reminds me of high school German class and how, for some reason, I could never remember other food-related words to say when asked to describe what I (pretended to) have for lunch. All I ever remembered to say was “compote” and “käsebrot.” Apparently, Anneliese (my German class name) really liked to do it up with fruit and cheese for lunch. So I cringe a bit when I see anything called a compote, even if I like it. For example, this Bonjour Compote from Kuhn Keramik is really beautiful despite being related to my least favorite lunch option. This could act as a stand-alone sculpture on a table or work nicely as a catchall by the entryway or to display snacks around the house. I’m a sucker for anything with a shiny gold interior, so this guy is firmly on my “If it wasn’t for that name” wishlist (it’s a short list). Click here to check it out and shop online. xo, grace


Maybe we could just call it a “footed bowl” and avoid the unpleasantness altogether!


Hi Grace! Really nice bowl. Marmelade or compote would look wonderful in it. But in your German class you’d rather say “Kompott” than “compote”.