bonjour compote

by Grace Bonney

I have a thing about the word “compote.” I hate it. It reminds me of high school German class and how, for some reason, I could never remember other food-related words to say when asked to describe what I (pretended to) have for lunch. All I ever remembered to say was “compote” and “käsebrot.” Apparently, Anneliese (my German class name) really liked to do it up with fruit and cheese for lunch. So I cringe a bit when I see anything called a compote, even if I like it. For example, this Bonjour Compote from Kuhn Keramik is really beautiful despite being related to my least favorite lunch option. This could act as a stand-alone sculpture on a table or work nicely as a catchall by the entryway or to display snacks around the house. I’m a sucker for anything with a shiny gold interior, so this guy is firmly on my “If it wasn’t for that name” wishlist (it’s a short list). Click here to check it out and shop online. xo, grace

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