before and after

before & after: pattern-filled bathroom redo

by Kate Pruitt

We have two incredible bathroom makeovers for you today. First up is this pattern-filled guest bathroom renovation from Kim Gray. Kim was working with a very small space, but she managed to bring a lovely sense of airiness and light to this bathroom with some smart design decisions. Swapping out the chunky blinds for a light, sheer curtain is an easy fix, but I think it was a stroke of genius to add this mismatched-pattern tile floor. For such a small space, it makes a huge impact, and the little details — the mirror, patterned bowl sink and blue woven stool — keep the room from feeling too cold and impersonal. Amazing job, Kim! — Kate

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Time: one week

Basic Steps: After the bathroom was gutted, we re-floored with tiles from The Moroccan Warehouse. It’s a really simple bathroom, but it makes it look 10 times bigger, and the few special fittings are what make it. Make sure you use a builder that knows how to screed properly and that you choose a good quality screed (cement) as it can crack. But it’s a really beautiful modern yet rustic finish. — Kim

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