before & after: pattern-filled bathroom redo

We have two incredible bathroom makeovers for you today. First up is this pattern-filled guest bathroom renovation from Kim Gray. Kim was working with a very small space, but she managed to bring a lovely sense of airiness and light to this bathroom with some smart design decisions. Swapping out the chunky blinds for a light, sheer curtain is an easy fix, but I think it was a stroke of genius to add this mismatched-pattern tile floor. For such a small space, it makes a huge impact, and the little details — the mirror, patterned bowl sink and blue woven stool — keep the room from feeling too cold and impersonal. Amazing job, Kim! — Kate

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More images and basic steps after the jump . . .

Time: one week

Basic Steps: After the bathroom was gutted, we re-floored with tiles from The Moroccan Warehouse. It’s a really simple bathroom, but it makes it look 10 times bigger, and the few special fittings are what make it. Make sure you use a builder that knows how to screed properly and that you choose a good quality screed (cement) as it can crack. But it’s a really beautiful modern yet rustic finish. — Kim


Looks lovely – but I’m not sure I understand where the shower head is? I looked at Kim’s website and it seems she is in South Africa. I’ve been there, and stayed between homes and hotels and never encountered this type of set up.

Just curious.


This is amazing! Love how you were able to open up such a small space. Loos divine!


I love the patters on the tile and at the sink.. but the open shower would just be a mess for me


From where did you find the vessel sink? My white vessel sink is supposed to be installed today but I may have to put that on hold if I can find one like this…

Leighanna Cumbie

I think it looks gorgeous. I’ve never seen one and so this question comes from a very curious and supportive place. With this type of shower, do you have an attachment that you can use to wet your body?


I love how light and airy this room looks!
Love the floor tile choice and the sink + modern faucet combination. Nicely done.


Looks great ! I love the look ! Though I need someone to explain how the shower works, I don’t see a shower head ? When you’re done with your shower is it necessary to wipe down the entire bathroom ?


W0w!!!! It is so inspiring to see bathrooms on the smaller side (like my own!) being redone in such creative and surprising ways. This is incredible!


I too am curious how the shower works, especially with only a half wall. It all looks amazing.


Beautiful! But the sink looks more like it’s meant to be looked at, not used..


I would love to know what material was used for the shower walls. Thanks!


I’m not getting the shower, is it halfway up? or higher? and the water will not go everywhere? or maybe it doesn’t matter is all tiled and can be cleaned up. Love the sink!


I’m guessing it’s a ceiling mounted rain shower head. That way they didn’t have to worry about water getting out if it’s coming straight down. Though I would think that some water may splash out. Love the floors!


Might be worth a trip to South Africa to get some tiles at the Moroccan Warehouse!


I wish someone would write an article about how to contain shower water without the aid of a curtain or glass doors. I’ve stayed in hotels in Europe with this kind of hookup. Created one H of a mess. Water runs out of the bathroom, into the hallway even. I just don’t get it and for sure don’t want to have to contend with that mess in my home.


Gorgeous! Please let me know where you got the sinks. Please explain all the questions above about the shower. Does water get everywhere? How do you wash your hair? What’s on walls to prevent them getting water logged. Thanks!


Beautiful, beautiful makeover. The floor, the sink, the shower–even the curtain on the window just transformed this room into a brand-new space. Congratulations! Oh, and Isabelle–I know what you mean! It just takes practice!

Darcy Harvey

How is it that additional images illustrating where the water in the shower comes from weren’t posted? Odd. Great colors!

Jo McCarthy

This is the kind of bathroom I go to bed at night dreaming about…hard and soft in perfect balance. Fantastic job!


Wow! I absolutely looooove this! It’s unique but timeless at the same time.


Oh, it’s beautiful! So well-done…and the tiles. Wow! Gorgeous. Great job! It looks so much bigger and airier now.


Very nice. I’m also interested in how the shower water is controlled. Looks great though!
Sink seems a bit teeny…


Never thought of doing a floor like this one. It really is unique and a great example of being creative with style. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.


I love the Moroccan inspiration! The floor tiles and the patterned sink add a really unique touch to the space. Kudos to Kim for a great room transformation.