before & after: kitchen redo with mirrored tiles

I wasn’t aware the mirrored tile existed, but when I saw Grace’s post last week, I found myself instantly drawn to it, as well. You achieve the shimmery quality of a mirror but so much more texture and interest because of the many angled reflections off the tile edges. I was thrilled to see this kitchen makeover in South Yarra, Melbourne, by Templeton design. The tile adds the perfect bit of sparkle to this elegant space and nicely contrasts the dark wood cabinet and dining set. I hope to see many more mirrored tile projects so that, if I am ever lucky enough to have a space to tile, I will have great examples to draw from. Lovely work! — Kate

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More images and basic steps after the jump . . .

Time: 6 months (including renovations in the rest of the house)

Basic Steps: The owner sought a house for her collections, an American flavour (from years living there) and a sense of fun. The compact terrace’s hub — the kitchen — immediately combines these elements. Burnished glass tile splashbacks and asparagus fridge handles playfully talk to the antique dresser and Windsor chairs. A large copper pendant light adds an intimate feel alongside a cluster of hanging pots and the porcelain plate collection. Functional elements (including the wet area) are hidden behind panelled joinery and in the corner pantry.

Our advice would be to have a clear idea of the design aesthetic you want to achieve whilst also being open to interpretation and ideas along the way. — Alice



I LOVE glass times and looked at them for my kitchen as well, but I can only imagine how difficult it would be to keep them sparkling clean! Anything less will look unclean…especially in a kitchen. This redo is beautiful!

hena tayeb

Nicely done.. I agree with Ginger though..
It’s why I can admire but never implement all white designs.. I have a child and as messy as things already get I can’t even imagine how more obvious all the messes would become..

Susan Liedke

Wow, I love most of it, the furniture especially. I did like the old (dark) floor, but maybe it was too beat up or something to keep.

I’m curious about seeing these mirrored tiles in like 5 or 10 years, to see whether they start looking dated? I guess it’s obviously an easily updateable thing, if they decide to do something else someday. I usually like a contrast (between old and new, antique and modern) but this almost seems too stark. Perhaps it would just take a little while to get used to.


Mirrored, beveled subway tile? You would think it would look crazy kitschy but it looks awesome.


Not a fan. I’d be interested to hear what choice they made with the floors though. I liked the old knotty pine, but the “after” floors look untreated? How will they wear?


I love everything abut this. Great job. Thanks for the post.


Truly beautiful.. Come on guys if you’ve ever done a Reno especially on kitchen with timber floors stained dark and your opting for light colors now what would you do? Keep the original flooring but sand it back for a lighter fresher look…?? Well done it finished the kitchen off beautifully without using tiles!!


Love that they took out the bar. Usually people want to add a bar or an island, but the subtraction looks so fresh. I also love the dark wood next to the white cabinetry. Thanks!


I love the idea of the mirrored tile, but like others have said I can’t imagine it would be easy to keep clean. Kitchens always end up so greasy, and grease just smears all over the place on glass.

bronx zoo

I think its fab!!!!! The mirror would take a little extra cleaning time but definitely worth it.

Diana from San Francisco

Please tell me that you know where to buy this beveled mirror tile – I love it. BTW – I have found mirror finish much easier to clean than stainless.


such an great way to use these tiles! and brilliant that they are easier to clean than stainless!! Love the makeovers..


not a fan. that boxed in stove top would drive me batty, and I’m not particularly enamored with the mix of white modern cabinets and the dark antique furniture. It looks too heavy in the room, imo.

Martha Jordan

PERFECT. Clean and elegant and edgy all at once. I want to cook there and have a cup of jo at that smooth big table. Love it. Thanks so much for the post


Oh those mirror tiles, I have a feeling they’re going to start showing up in my dreams. :o)

Jo Kin

Love it, why so many haters? People are just jealous I guess. I would not change one thing. Fabulous!

gabrielle falk

the kitchen renovation looks just beautiful without being over the top. an unusual use of mirror tiles. would never have thought of it myself. are they terribly expensive? gabrielle

Margaret Doane

Where did u find the believed mirror subway tiles???????? I love them

Cindia peoples

Where to buy the mirrored beveled subway tile in Birmingham,al area

Faye Doyle

Where can I purchase the same mirrored beveled subway tiles? I’m finishing a basement with a kitchen and the mirrors would be perfect on the backsplash.

Tim splash

What a great idea! I know splashbacks can come in a variety of finishes, but mirrored is one of the most stylish out there. Myself, personally would prefer to go for an image printed glass splashback, you know, like an epic city skyline or crashing waves….


Where do you buy the mirrored beveled subway tiles? I have been looking for them.


Ditto Cathy’s comment. I am looking for them for an accent wall in my spare bathroom. Can’t find them.


where can you buy the mirrored subway tiles? I can’t seem to find them anywhere online.


The mirrored tiles were purchased where? I have searched and searched, and I cannot find them. Thanks in advance for your help! :)


Also looking for the mirrored tiles. Hope someone posts were to get them.