before & after best of: cabinets and hutches

After seeing so many awesomely altered cabinets and hutches over the years, I’m convinced that anyone, regardless of his or her craft skills or experience, can transform a piece of furniture to suit their tastes— with a little creativity, of course. I know I suffer from procrastination when it comes to larger pieces of furniture, but these projects demonstrate what a huge difference it can make when you finally tackle that big old cabinet in the dining room or den. Whether you enjoy bright, bold statement pieces or more subdued, neutral styles, there should be plenty of inspiration in this roundup to get you excited about your next big furniture project. Enjoy! —Kate

Image above: Natalie’s amazing library-catalog-turned-display-cabinet

More before & after cabinets and hutches after the jump!

Image above: A confectionary hutch makeover from Bethany and Maddy for Nonpareil Magazine.

Image above: Barb’s mod orange hutch makeover

Image above: A beautiful pink and red cabinet makeover from John and Conn (whose lovely Hawaii home was part of our sneak peek series, as well).

Image above: Bonnie’s modern and colorful stereo cabinet

Image above: David, a graphic designer and typography lover, hand-painted the text on this chic painted cabinet

Image above: Rescued country cabinet from Emily Smith

Image above: Verity’s elegant sideboard

Image above: Emily’s bold, retro style cabinet redo

Image above: A beautifully whitewashed, graphic cabinet makeover by Kate Zimmerman

Image above: Michael’s pastel and warm wood hutch is perfect for a modern country kitchen.

Image above: Olga’s glossy buffet cabinet


Now I want to paint my hutch too! Such drastic transformations. The creativity amazes me.


I suddenly feel the need to go thrift shopping or possibly just cruise Craig’s list. Lol! Thanks for sharing!


Great ideas! I have an old console tv that we took the guts out of to make a bar. Then I got stuck for ideas of what to do next. This helps! Thanks:)


I have a hutch transformation…from Pine to Shabby Chic! How do I upload photos?

Peter Knott

Is it wrong that I prefer some of the “Before” pictures? I think I quite like the ‘battered’ look in some cases.


Wow incredible good ideas … I made it with a old modenism cupboard and then painted it in white !!!


These is the most amzing posts ever, I love all the changes and want them all. So gorgeous and creative.


Sooo inspiring. This is gonna make me look at road-side furniture in a whole new light. Brilliant!


So much goodness! Love the bold colors & the first one is just too fab.

Amy B.

PS – the “Click Here” for more before and afters leads . . . nowhere!

: (

Nancy D

would it be all right to borrow some of these wonderful ideas? hope so they just make me so happy to see them. each and everyone is fabulous. wish i could have all of them in my home everywhere. thanks for a great display of some wonderfully painted and designed pieces of furniture made over by some really creative geniuses.


These pictures are dangerous! I want to go move everything and paint my hutch before hubby gets home and tries to stop me :-)


I like your work. I do simlar things.Grand Forks BC, Canada


Love these! – Does any one know where I can find information on how to do this? I have just bought some draws and not sure the best way forward…


Little changes like removing a door makes a huge difference! Love the muted paint as well as the bold colors.


Impressive!!! I really like the framework +.+

@ CHRIS why not try to visit I purchased a really awesome modern cabinet there just last 2 days ago, and I’ve discovered they too do sell wooden storage space and display cases/cabinets. Perhaps they have something like this one particular.


I love everything except the topmost hutch. That is a Broyhill Saga hutch, which is rather rare to find and is highly prized. I wish Olga had sold it to a collector, the piece’s value is definitely destroyed afte painting it.



Wow, there are some brilliant transformations here, I’m in love with the orange mod hutch, gorgeous.

Jo Kin

I prefer bare wood with light finishes to these acrylic based solid finishes but some look ok. I think this is a trend that everyone seems to be jumping on but me.