atelier biagetti

The Milan Furniture Fair is in full swing this week, and it’s nice to see the wave of new products that come in for the show. These pieces are from Atelier Biagetti in Milan, and for some reason, I’m really digging that rug above. It feels a little camouflage-y from afar, but it’s actually a geographic map from above. While the couches below are a little chunky for my taste, I like that they look as if they’ve been dip-dyed like Easter eggs. These days, I’m totally happy to dip just about any home object in a watercolor-style dye; it feels so soft and pretty. Click here to check out more of Biagetti’s work online. xo, grace


That rug is like an optical illusion. It would be such a great conversation piece. “Are you going hunting later?” “Nope. Just working on my geography and adding some flair to my floor.”