after the jump: todd oldham interview (mp3)

Yesterday was one of the scariest and most exciting days I’ve had in years. For the first time in nine years, I put my headphones on and stepped in the radio station to record the first episode of my new radio show, After the Jump. I wasn’t just nervous to be on air again; I was nervous (and honored) to spend a half hour talking to one of my biggest heroes, Todd Oldham. And of course, he was just as delightful, kind, inspiring and genuine as I expected.

The show aired live yesterday at 12pm (and will be live every Monday at 12pm right here), but the MP3 file is ready to check out if you’d like to listen! Todd talked about everything from working with MTV and La-Z-Boy to how each of his projects allows him to tap into a different part of his creative passions. He was an absolute joy to listen to, and I hope you’ll take the time to listen when you have a chance. Todd has been one of my biggest inspirations since day one and continues to be one of the best examples of someone who is insanely talented but also insanely humble, kind and good. Click here to listen, download the file or bookmark it to listen later. The podcast should be on iTunes in a week (then you can subscribe and get them automatically).

*Thanks as well to Screaming Females (my favorite band) for letting me use their song “Bell” as the theme music for my show. They have a mind-blowingly awesome new album called Ugly — check it out here.


Loved the interview, great job! Looking forward to more interviews with great people :)


It’s a great pleasure to listen to such a wise, humble and charming guy in a media world full of fools ;) Thanks for inviting him!


I loved the show. You’re a natural! I’m already looking forward to next week.


Listened to the MP3 this morning, it was great! You are a natural Grace…and Todd was a delight. Looking forward to the next one!


I loved it! More more more like this please! Todd Oldham was a big inspiration to me when he was designing fashion. So nice to get up to date with him and to hear that he is still going strong.


Grace, the interview was excellent. I really enjoyed hearing what Todd Oldham was up to these days


Todd was the perfect first guest! This show is yet another reason I love Design Sponge!


Loved this episode so much. I look forward to more, but I have to admit, I’d love to hear more of the two of you. Grace and Todd bring back House of Style? :D ;) :D