what’s your state?

I’m a complete sucker for any product that allows me to celebrate a geographic region. Whether it’s my home state, a city where I went to school or just a place that reminds me of a special trip, I’ll take any chance I get to showcase regional character. These custom state tables are designed and made by interior designer Julie Purpura in Chicago. Julie runs an LGBT-owned furniture company called 900 BLOK that created these “The 50 States” tables as their debut collection. I love the idea of pairing two of these at different heights like semi-nesting tables. It would be a great homage to your home state and the place you now call home (assuming those are different, of course). Click here to check out the collection online and place an order; custom pieces start at $200 and can be changed to include team logos and more if you’d like. xo, grace

Pug tongue!

Grace Bonney


it’s called 50 states, so they’ll do them all. they’re just custom orders. you have to email her to request your state ;)


amy walters, aDESIGNdock

What fun! I saw a similar thing from a Canadian company. They created a set of nesting tables carved out in the shapes of the three prairie provinces.
Love how cheeky and cute the look is!

Andrea Varias

Lovely blog entry! So happy my girlfriend is getting recognized for her talent. Go, Julie, go!


I love this! I’m not from the U.S., but would love to find an Ontario shaped one.


It’s times like this I wish I wasn’t from Wyoming… square coffee tables have so been done before :/


Cute! I like these but it seems that every time one of these designers do New York, they always cut off Long Island :(


Born in Wyoming and raised in California, currently exiled to the Pacific Northwest… I collect all things California! (That CA mirror you posted by Etsy’s Flux Glass nearly killed me. Saving up!) Wyoming is less fun because it’s, well, square, but I plaster the Wyoming Cowboy on everything instead.


The Canadian company that does the nesting prairie tables is called Gus! The legs and really, the entire concept is very similar to these except they don’t do custom…which means that won’t do my province. I wonder if 900 Blok had any interest in doing done Canadian provinces!? I’m heading to Chicago next wkend so I’ll get to see these for myself!


I think Michigan would make lovely nesting tables!