weekly wrap up + rewoven mats

Last week I was walking home from brunch in the city and decided to swing by my favorite Anthropologie store on 5th Avenue. They were having a great sale on tabletop goods, and I ended up leaving with some random odds and ends to spruce up our office desk, which also serves as a dining table. I’m helpless when it comes to neon yellow and pink, so I was most excited about these rewoven mats made from jute and recycled silk. They feel perfectly summery to me, so I’d love to use them for an outdoor meal. Rolled up with silverware and a bag lunch, they’d make the perfect picnic decoration. If you want to pick up a mat or two ($12 each), click here to check them out and order online.

The temperature in Brooklyn is supposed to hit 80 today, and we have tickets to see The Hunger Games tonight (Katniss!), so I’m heading out to soak up some sun before the darkness of the theater takes over. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday. xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


These are super cute! I love that they’re made from repurposed materials too. The teal is such a pretty color!


I love the color combinations, they just scream SUMMER. It makes me want to have a party and eat outside.


Gosh, I think the weavers on Ravelry will be jealous. The colorways! Mats that clearly can be made on a loom with yarns in the stash! Also, I got to love the above the ground shot with the kitty. Photogs don’t this enough. It’s a darling and simple way to give depth to a display of related items.


Cute mats. have to swing by Anthropology soon – they would brighten up the table!


I saw The Hunger Games last Wednesday, not bad at all! Looking forward to the sequels already :)


love the photo with colorful kitchenwares on the stone ground. did you take it Grace?

Ana Birch

Love the Anthropology!!! Great knick knacks (gifts anyone?), awesome vintage dresses and I’m not even talking about the unique jewelry… Great find on the kitchen items, Grace!!

Maria @ All Things Luxurious

Wow, those are gorgeous! I was planning on stopping into Anthropologie this afternoon, so I’m really excited to see these! Thanks for sharing; I hope you have had a wonderful weekend.


i actually have a more serious question. i myself am a lover of inexpensive home goods (and clothing) from the urban/anthro empire. however, i have previously known and have been reminded today on facebook about richard hayne, who owns those stores, and his right wing/anti gay marriage/anti abortion associations. i should stop spending money at his stores but i was wondering what your thoughts are about patronizing them or any large chain store who’s ethics are questionable? i try to support local businesses when i can but this is something to think about. wondering what the d*s-ers think?