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Sometimes when I see a new product, I smile at the screen and yell, “It’s about time!” back at my email. For as long as Ikea has existed, those of us who obsess about design have been lamenting the ugly, chunky legs that come with Ikea furniture. While I’m happy to DIY, update and makeover just about any piece from that store, you’re always stuck with these thick block legs that, for me, ruin the lines of some pretty decent furniture. I’ve seen people hack the legs in a million different ways, but I always wondered why there weren’t more companies making legs (like Bemz did with slipcovers) to swap onto Ikea furniture.

Finally there is a company, Pretty Pegs, that gets it. They’ve produced a wide range of adorable legs that easily screw into the bases of Ikea sofas and beds. I can’t properly stress how happy I am about this; I honestly hope that Ikea is paying attention to Pretty Pegs and looks into licensing their legs from them so people can have the option of buying these in-store (and possibly at a lower cost due to the volume of production). Customization options like this would make me far more likely to consider buying larger pieces of furniture from Ikea again. Until then, you can click here to check out (and order) the legs online. Hooray for legs that don’t look like they were just sawed off the end of a 2 x 4 at Home Depot!

I’m heading out for the day, but I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Today we’re holding our second biz ladies lunch in the office, and I couldn’t be happier to see a big discussion turn into a positive, real-life event. Thanks to all of you for your support, and we hope to see you around the table one day. xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


Ok, these are pretty awesome. I’d considered tracking down some old railings and cutting them down, but these are even better!


Ok – so this totally excites me. Now have to look at all my furniture…


I love love love this idea! They’re so adorable! However I have to agree with Amanda… Too expensive!! The masses buy ikea furniture because it’s cheap. There are a lot of things I could buy with $227 and four little legs pegged to my cheap ikea couch is pretty low on that list :(


I love the colors of these sofa legs, so fun! I replaced my nicer sofa with an ikea karlstad last year after my two dogs put a ton of wear on it. This guy (www.unclebobsworkshop.com) sells some nice solid wood legs that I bought. I ended up getting the tapered legs in a medium brown. People don’t even notice it’s an ikea sofa with the mid-centuryish legs, it makes a huge difference.


This is awesome! I was just considering the Karlstad sofa, but I hated the legs. Now I’m definitely reconsidering it. Love that they have flat rate shipping too!


Love the idea, but too bad they will probably end up costing more than the IKEA product itself : (


These are very cute, but I have to agree with the other ladies about the pricing.


And, for those of us with non-Ikea sofas, there is this resource. I’m already fantasizing about swapping out the low, chunky ’90s pomo legs on my lovely boxy baker sofa with something more appropriately midcentury modern, maybe painting them a bright color first!


Seriously awesome ideas !!! Never ever thought I could do soooo much with sofa legs . Thanks a ton for sharing.


I LOVE these! But they are WAYYY to expensive to be feasible for most people. You could have someone custom make legs for cheaper. They look so simple. Anyone with a lathe could make the same thing.

You’re right, IKEA (or someone) needs to start making something like these for much less. There’s definitely a market out there if they were more around $50 for a set of four. I know the most expensive bun feet at Lowes are only $10 per leg (and they’re pretty cute!).

That being said, they ARE really pretty. I especially love the bamboo ones. But for $200+ they might as well be $1,000:(


I love the grey couch with the peach colored legs. The legs look like an ice cream cone with three scoops on top.


It’s awesome how adding new legs to a piece of furniture can make it look so fresh and creative. I’m looking forward to giving it a try, thanks!!


GENIUS! I love my Ikea sofa, but have been bugging my husband to paint the legs so that it doesn’t look like everyone else’s Ikea sofa. Now I don’t have to pester him any more!!!


the fact that they are $200 is WHY Ikea uses a simple block leg, if they had to do all those shapes and all those colors their sku count would go out the roof…and everyone would be complaining because they don’t have the color/shape they want

Grace Bonney


i think that actually wouldn’t be the case. ikea is so affordable because things are produced in insanely large quantities. i think having them painted different colors- or just offering a tapered leg shape- would be cost-effective and easy for them if they were making thousands and thousands at a time.


Heather McClure

I love this! Not only would I like to use it to upgrade Ikea furniture but other pieces I find and refurbish for my shop.


Hi Everyone!

Thank’s so much for all the positive comments!!
Due to present currency rates and the fact that all Prettypegs are produced in Sweden and some even handmade, it unfortunately gets a bit pricier for some of our international friends. That’s why we now have a little launch deal on our most popular models which might help a little (ie Estelle 20% off). Hope you’ll find something you like! :)

All the best,
Jana & Mikael at Prettypegs


I just want to second the recommendation above for Uncle Bob’s Workshop. I ordered a set of tapered mid-century style legs for my Karlstad sofa and it made a HUGE difference to the way my sofa looks. I think I paid around $35 for the set of four legs!


So I found out that they work for most other brands as well!! Just clicked home a pair of blue Siri for my Boolia sofa which also has M8 predrilled holes. Otherwise they have this Universal fitting plate that seems to work for most other furniture. :) http://prettypegs.se/?page_id=2

Jamie Kohler

Looking around right now at my own furniture and dreaming of new legs…. The cost is up there but I’ll keep looking!


Wow – I am so getting this. I might actually put some of these on an Expedit bookcase and use some of the finishes available at panyl.com to really pimp it out. it’s really becoming possible to make-your-own-ikea out there…