Yesterday evening was full of frustrating work issues, so this morning I’m treating myself to some chocolate. Both in person and online. I’m starting the day with a giant hunk of dark chocolate alongside my coffee (I should warn Amy about the impending midday sugar crash) and posting about these gorgeous type-inspired chocolates from Dynamo. Dynamo combined two of my favorite things, typography and chocolate, to create these sweet treats that are imprinted with original type designs and messages. Each bar is decorated with a pretty mountain graphic on the outside and contains premium dark or milk chocolate inside. As Tom and Donna would say, “Treat Your Self!” xo, grace

More images after the jump . . .

Jane R.

AHAHAHAHA! I decided to “treat my self” to some dark chocolate shavings in my oatmeal because of this post. Thanks for the best day ever!

call me debbie

ok… hahahaha that’s perfect! You made my day, take that for sure!
This would the the never-eaten chocolate, i would stare her and ii would smile!
She is too pretty to be eaten, or maybe not so much! *yum*

Mrs. Vallejos

@”Call me Debbie” – take a rubbing of a cold bar, then eat! :-)