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2012 is the year of travel for me, mostly to NYC to visit the ladies (and ride the library ladder!), but I also have trips scheduled to LA, Boston and Maine, among others. Before I began traveling so much, I had romantic notions of what it would be like to jaunt off and explore these cities on my own. As soon as the first pair of socks hit the suitcase, however, reality quickly set in: traveling is a logistical gauntlet! I’m not saying I don’t enjoy it, but there are innumerous details one must consider, and packing properly is, in all seriousness, so vital to preserving one’s sanity.

This week on My Life Scoop, I’ve rounded up accessories and gear for fun travel destinations, but some of these pieces could easily be your commuting essentials, as well. Outfitting yourself properly for the place you’re headed sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many times I’ve put myself in the position of suffering through a trip with uncomfortable shoes, unwieldy luggage and poorly protected devices — sorry, camera :( If you have any trips on your calendar, I hope you’ll check out my lists for some inspiration. Click here to see the full post. Enjoy! — Kate

call me debbie

I envy you a little bit! Probably because i am stuck in my city all the year because of a difficult year in the university!


I love these types of posts! But I would love them even more if the photos would link to the “My Life Scoop” post instead of just open up the image in a new tab.

Emily @ Peck Life

Thank you SO MUCH for this! I am travelling to NYC for the first time EVER to attend my first EVER BlogHer and am so excited but I need to definitely brush up on my packing essentials! :)

Mod Mod

Lovely post, but just for your information, “on a voyage” doesn’t really make sens in French…

Amanda (Dear Frances)

Great roundup! FYI – I just bought a bag directly from fabric & handle (just like #2) and it was $49 plus shipping, rather than $88 as listed in Need Supply Co.


Regarding “Lovely post, but just for your information, “on a voyage” doesn’t really make sens in French…”. – I don’t think they were going for ‘Bon Voyage”, seems like they were just going for ‘On A Voyage” which makes perfect sense in English. We are so used to seeing ‘Bon Voyage” that perhaps the reader forgot that it has its place when used in English also.

secret agent girl

Who needs that many bags?!? And so many look inconvenient to use…