torafu architects

by Kate Pruitt

At this point in my life, I should probably be investing in simple, classic, ageless furniture. But lately I find myself gravitating toward objects that forego practicality and versatility, and are instead thought provoking, whimsical and a bit bizarre. A wise decorator would probably limit the number of these items in a home, but I feel inexplicably compelled to fill my space with strangeness. If I could redesign everything right now, I think my place would resemble the interiors of the film Toys, only more sophisticated and not so nineties :) That’s exactly the feeling I get from these works by the Japanese company Torafu Architects — an elegant yet playful surrealism. I’m hooked!

I’ve seen the paper “Air Vases” above in several shops, including Upon a Fold and Elemental, but these amazing ombre and geometric designs are new to me. And as a miniature lover, I would adore a desk that doubles as diorama; it would feel like you were suddenly a giant! The corner shelf, the hanger stools, the tape hooks?? Just brilliant. Click here to see Torafu’s full portfolio of interiors, products, exhibition designs and other projects. — Kate

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