tommaso guerra

by Grace Bonney

I’m a big fan of public art, whether it’s planned or spontaneous. I love that it sends a message to every single person walking by and transforms something public and shared (like a street) into a giant communal canvas. These chalk-art pieces were created by artist Tommaso Guerra and are dedicated to spreading pro-bike messages in urban areas. In addition to these beautiful typographic works, Tommaso has created some lovely book covers, as well. If you’re interested in checking out more of his work, you can view his site here, or find some of my favorite projects of his here, herehere and here. xo, grace

More of Tommaso’s work after the jump (check out the tissue paper piece for sure!) . . .

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  • Excellent! It must take so much time to make a piece of art like the mosaic. I like the “guerrilla art” approach for it.

  • Beautiful work. I am in favor of cycling, but I’m not sure there is “hate” among drivers. But, whatever, still pretty to look at.

  • I agree with Tara. I would love for everybody to be able to bike wherever they need to go, but “hate” is such a strong word, not to mention an over-generalization. His work is beautiful, but that did bother me (walker, bus taker).

  • Maybe it depends by the context. The location of this guerrila art could be a place with not so polite drivers. Sometimes the message has to be strong to be heard. To me this is not a war against drivers, but a request of attention for the world outside a car.

  • This is more great art from Tommaso Guerra… thanks for sharing! And I think he was referring to road rage… I’d say that could qualify as hate. :S

  • Beautiful work!

    @ Red Prairie Press : Most of the typefaces from the cyclicsts/drivers installation are by the Lost Type Co-op (www.losttype.com), a “pay-what-you-want” type foundry founded by Tyler Galpin and Riley Cran. Check them out!

  • I with you on being weirded out by the bicyclists = lovers, drivers = haters deal. I don’t think that bicyclist was showing much love when he spit on my mom’s car. Still don’t know she did to offend him.

  • i’m admiring the typography, but not appreciating the crummy “hate is among drivers” message.
    really enjoy the tissue paper piece, reminds me of public school when tissue paper was the go-to medium for everything from halloween ghosts to fake stained glass.

  • I agree with the message BUT oh please, one more hip graphic designer? Is anyone out there willing to make something more personal and less trendy? I don’t mean bad, but this stuff is just so pedestrian….

    • Nak

      I think it’s hard to know what’s personal to someone and what’s trendy. How do we know this isn’t a personal message for this designer? I don’t think he should be punished bc public transport and biking are popular themes.


  • right. I’m not saying we should blame him, I’m just sick of all this, because it’s like:
    Do you want to be a smart, trendy graphic genius?
    1) buy a fixed gear bike
    2) grow some moustache
    3) also put some serifs font and some random x cross in your design….
    4) pretend you are so radical