Like many homeowners, my parents are looking to affordably update their kitchen without doing a full remodel. One of the easiest ways to do that is changing out hardware and cabinet colors, so I’m helping my mom find some cool modern knobs for the project. While doing a little researching for her, I came across these luggage tag pulls designed by Anthropologie in collaboration with Sibella Court. I love designers working on small details; it allows those of us who can’t afford their larger pieces to still get a taste of their style. While these metal tags are great as is, they initially reminded me of the McMasterpieces show we saw during last year’s NYC Design Week (organized by Sight Unseen). One of the artists put out a piece of sheet metal that you could pound letters into with a chisel. I’d love to use that same simple tool to emboss initials, a name or even the contents of a drawer on each tag. It would add a nice dose of personality to a store-bought piece. Click here and here to check out (and order, $6 each) the tags online and here to pick up an embossing tool kit if you want to DIY these to suit your own style. xo, grace

*You can check out Sibella’s home tour right here and her What’s in Your Toolbox interview right here.