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When we launched this month’s trend themes on the D*S Pinterest¬†page, I was excited to see where the digital images board would go. I’ve had something of a love-hate relationship with digital images over the years, and I’m always looking for an example that will push me back over to the “love” side. Sure enough, these two pieces did just that, and then I saw these new designs from Surface View and was sold. Surface View is due to launch a brand new website in April, but until then, they have some beautiful new collections of wall coverings, lampshades, window shades, window films and tiles. These pieces above and below are my favorites. I don’t typically like wall art created from classic paintings, but some of these styles (particularly the snake) feel pretty cool and modern when they’re singled out against contemporary settings. Click here to check out the full collection online and stay tuned for the full collection launch in April. xo, grace

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Laura Dro

Just checked out Surface View and it has so many beautiful prints…the vintage photography is amazing! Thanks for the introduction!

Laura Dro


wish there was a full image for the crazy bird thing next to the bath tub…what in the world is this animal? looks like a duckbill playtpus crossed with a flamingo! But I really love the old world coloring, like an albertus seba zoological illustration.


It is a Roseate Spoonbill! I did field research on them in Costa Rica. It is an Audubon print.


The spoonbill is one of my absolute favourites. The Natural History Museum hold the rights to lots of Audubon prints all available through Surface View it seems

Kate McQuillen

Way to expensive. I googled the snake image, and it would be a whole lot cheaper to get it printed yourself (not so big). Surely these images have moved into the public realm if this company is using them?

hilary ann

I can’t seem to find the first image, at Surface View, the purple and yellow landscape, it is beautiful!

Surface View

Hi Kate McQuillen… The images show examples of our bespoke products that will be available when our new website launches in late April. The Snake image is one image from the rather splendid Natural History Museum collection. Every product we produce is made to order to your exact specification. I hope that you’ll give the new site a visit when we launch and let us know what you think.

Surface View

Hi Hillary, the purple and yellow image is from our Classic Railway Posters collection. It’s actually one of my personal favourites. Of course with all of the images we’ve been granted the commercial rights to produce these interior products. Our new website will hopefully make everything much easier to find. Browse the collections until then at

PS, We don’t often run promotions or sales throughout the year, but for anyone who “likes” our Facebook page we will be notifying them of an unmissable promotion at launch during the month of April.


This is slightly off topic and related more to collecting images. Do you guys use any tools that allow you to save images privately from multiple locations (work, home, ipad lazy browsing what not) and easily consolidate them someplace else, for a blog, or even a main computer used to categorize images. I tried iCloud but I dont have the latest software so it wont work. Any thoughts? It would be nice to see an article on various softwares you guys find helpful.