steel fox by bongo design

I can’t write this post without laughing at the words “steel fox” above. It sounds like a spin on Anderson Cooper’s nickname and makes me love this geometric design even more. Magdalena at Bongo Design created this steel fox head, and I adore how simple and clean it looks. There were a ton of “animal head” type designs floating around the web a few years ago, but this version definitely suits my style most. Plus, the draft version below reminds me of a sculpture class I took in college where we did an intro project using bamboo skewers and hot glue. I lucked out and got to make a bamboo head based on the cutest guy in our class. To this day, I’ll never forget the audible sighs across the room when our teacher said, “Grace, you partner with Garth.” Oh, Garth — if only you knew how many girls wanted to punch me for getting an excuse to touch your face over and over again. Click here to check out Magdalena’s designs in more detail. If you want to try your hand at making a basic bamboo sculpture, you can pick up materials right here. xo, grace


Hahaha. I took that same class at W&M and I loved that project! I kept my bamboo head for several years. Really enjoy the fox-thanks for sharing!

monk e burnswell

the designer must have gone to burningman because our studio frank’s kitchen ( totally sent out over 40 wolf heads of eerily similar design last year