spring trends in home & tech accessories

Spring has sprung in Brooklyn, from what I hear. As a loyal Californian, it kills me to say this, but I cannot wait to head to NYC this week to get some sun! Grace, Amy A. and Amy M. have some really fun projects planned for us, including my first ever trip to the New York flower market. With spring on my mind, I just had to round up some fun springy items for this week’s My Life Scoop. For me, the season is about beautiful florals and creamy pastels; electric, ultra-saturated tangerine tones; and gorgeous prismatic shapes. These styles are fun to mix and match and look great translated into home, fashion, tech and many other design realms. Click here to find the full post and see the rest of the roundup. Happy spring! — Kate


sooooo I don’t have an iPhone, but I want an awesome case for it (it’s been a year, I have refused to buy one that I don’t like). All I ever see is cases for those oh so silly iPhones. Please help me!!! (my hand friend is a Nexus S 4g)

Heather Cutting-Rayl

I’ll take everything in Tangerine! Thanks!! It will all go great with the bright yellow and grren walls! Now… If my budget just fit my my tastes! LOL!