sourdough starter DIY

Today is food day here at D*S, so it seemed fitting to kick off the morning with something food related. This clever DIY sourdough starter kit from Armommy would make a great gift, weekend project with friends/kids or just a nice housewarming present for a new neighbor. I’ve never been much of a bread (or any other type) baker, but these sweet labels (available for download on Armommy’s site) make it a tempting idea. If you’re up for a little baking this weekend, click here to check out the project and download some cute labels for your jar. xo, grace


This is so cool! My day job is office management for a bakery, so I’m a little tickled by just about anything sourdough!

I’ll have to check out the recipe so I can start baking more breads at home and get some use out of those great labels!

Shari Grant

Love the labels,just wish you could buy sour dough starter!!!!!


Just be sure the jar is big enough to let the starter expand!


So cute!

How do you make a bread of this starter? Any recipes?


You can actually sourdough starters but there are plenty of recipes online that are quite simple.


I just starting baking my own bread from a starter last year after going to France. I’ve been using the recipes in the book “Tartine Bread” by Chad Robertson, which I’d highly recommend. Their country loaf is absolutely amazing and you can make it sweeter or more sour depending on how you mix it. It takes a little practice, but you won’t regret it— and it’s seriously as good as the bread we ate in France.