so tiny, so cute, so want these in my life

When I saw these tiny crocheted animals on Etsy, I immediately thought, I need to call Kate. We share a love of teeny things, and I think one day we should get a timeshare cabin to display our miniature objects and trade off taking “cute overload” vacations. I know that sounds insane, but for those of you who love itty-bitty objects, how fun would it be to surround yourself with them for a few days straight? I can’t have them in my own home (my cat would eat them), but I wouldn’t mind escaping to see them every now and then. Anyway, back to the bitsy things in question: These adorable micro-animals are crocheted by an artist in Vietnam who sells them for about $28 to $100 a piece. I’m seriously tempted by the mountain goats, but the entire collection is worth checking out. If you’re in the market for some teeny tiny animals, click here to check them out and shop online. xo, grace

More images (including a mini tiger and mountain goat!) after the jump . . .


AH. so tiny and adorable. As someone who can literally only crochet in a straight line, I would love to know how the artist managed these!


Totoro! Oh how I love Thee
Adorably cute and what finger skills to contribute to such wonders. I am in awe.


I seriously just squealed with glee. Those little squirrels are the most adorable thing ever posted on Design Sponge. That’s a fact!


Cute! I am obsessed with these miniature creations by a Brooklyn-based knitter: Talk about cute—you can buy the patterns and make the minis yourself! My personal favorite is the yeti she knitted. Adorable!


AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I <3 them!!! This made my morning.


I love these two and they would make great embellishments on a cocktail hat. You could also make a whole landscape to wear on your landscape. It would be such a great conversation-starter. What we need during these tough times. Little mini crochet animals for the head!


Oh my gosh, these are so adorable I can’t even think straight! The whale! The penguin! The squirrels! (Insert Kermit flailing here.)


How could you not love these little guys?!? This woman must have some serious patience..


Oh My God!!!!
i LOVE totoro. this made my day. thank you :)

julia @ thebackloop

This is amazing. I crochet a ton and do lots of (what I considered to be) very small crochet work. But this is amazing. The detail is phenomenal. I wonder if she works under a free standing magnifying glass…


this is me: Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my god!!!! All the while bouncing my toes up and down on the floor and sporting a huge smile! I LOVE THESE!


Argh cute! Hey I got a very small crocheting needle here… But it looks like you also need binoculars to do that.


Umm, these might be crocheted by a ten year old in Vietnam. I’d feel a lot more comfortable buying one if I saw a video of an adult crocheting these… (just looking at their “about us” page.)

Can anyone personally confirm that there’s no child labor going on here?

Augustin Lucici

How can i buy these cute things?
I’m from Romania…


Squealing with cuteness!!!! OMG that goat is cute – I need a herd of them!!


I went to their site and their prices are outrageous! Why don’t you make a book of miniature animals patterns and I’ll be the first to buy it from you!