sneak peek: paul and megan wilkes


Paul Wilkes manages operations at The Foundry Collective, a boutique branding firm in Dallas, Texas, that he started with his long-time friend Scott Hill in 2009. Megan is a freelance interior designer and is also working on opening Dallas’ first pie shop, Emporium Pies, in the Bishop Arts District. They live in a former Goodyear Tire building in Dallas’ Exposition Park neighborhood. Their goal was to create a home that reflected their love of entertaining by maintaining a versatile atmosphere to fit any type of social gathering. It’s been a challenge learning to work with the loft’s large scale, but Paul and Megan have forged their eclectic aesthetic with baroque and mid-century-modern pieces and everything in between. Thanks, Paul and Megan, and thanks to Kelsey Foster Photography for the images! — Anne

Image above: We love to entertain, and one of the reasons we chose this loft is the open feel of the main area, and the fact that the kitchen is tucked away from the dining table. We have fit 16 guests around this table, and we love that there is room to expand the table to fit the guest list.

Image above: When we moved from our 1920s bungalow to the loft, we found that a lot of our favorite decorative pieces were just too small for the massive expanses of white walls in the loft. We decided to put a twist on the classic collage and tilt it slightly. It is a nice contrast to the strong horizontal lines found throughout the rest of the house, especially the brick.

Image above: What we love most about our house is the natural light from our 8 foot warehouse windows.

More of Paul and Megan’s loft after the jump . . .

Image above: Although the exposed brick and raw concrete in the loft are beautiful, we both love items that are superfluously decorative. We have a few pieces from the 1960s that we have acquired from friends and that come with us everywhere. This vanity contrasts with its surroundings, but still feels like it belongs.

Image above: One of the best parts of our loft is the fact that it is a corner unit. The windows allow a huge amount of natural light and offer views of the Ferris wheel in Fair Park. The chandelier over the dining table is made of found wood and was a weekend project that we worked on together. We love the style, and the color of the wood fits perfectly with our space. The candles on the back wall are held up with wine bottles from some of our favorite dinner parties, and they hold tons of good memories of great times with friends.

Image above: We love our record collection; many of the records are sentimental, so rather than putting them in a box, we store them all on the wall and use the albums as visual art. Lucky for us, we have a few friends who are quite talented at making signature, Prohibition-style cocktails. We found the awesome vintage bar cart at an antique store in Glen Rose, Texas, tucked away in the very back room and said, “Hey guys, come on over for dinner and a drink. (PS — you make the drinks!)”

Image above: Our bedroom is tucked away from the main areas of the loft. We like that it is separated, because, let’s be real, who makes their bed every day? We also love the simplicity of this room. We chose different shades of white and cream together with gray to create a serene atmosphere. Once again, our love for vintage-inspired pieces shines through in our iron bed. We had a hard time finding something that was antique looking and still masculine enough to hold its own in a loft space. This bed completely fits the bill because the headboard and footboard are taller than a typical bed, and the black is a strong enough color to really anchor the thin lines of the rails.

Image above: We chose a simple palette for the bathroom, mostly goldenrod with gray and plum. We found this shower curtain at West Elm a few years ago, and we adore it. It serves as a reminder of our big city dreams and works great in a bathroom with no windows because it creates a view in itself.

Image above: When we got married, Paul’s business partner, Scott, made a logo for our big day. The font is pretty modern, but it is slightly reminiscent of a Texas cattle brand, which we love. As a wedding gift, Paul’s mom had our towels and sheets monogrammed for us, and the logo has stuck with us long past our wedding date.

Image above: And here we are with our two pet children in their favorite hang out spot. Pepper in the foreground, looking quite guilty I might add, and Rufus, the Yorkie, preparing to jump off the couch and out of the frame.

Image above: Former Goodyear Tire factory that we now call home.

Image above: Our favorite thing to do at home is to sit on the roof with our friends.


Beautiful home. I love the idea of reusing favorite wine bottles to hold candles ***


I’m guessing the tilted frames will become a trend now.


Very nice example of residential/studio/warehouse renovation. I would love to know about the painting in the first shot…


I love these people, I love their loft and I love what they wrote. A million hearts to this couple.

Wendy D

So fab! Where might one find a tree branch candle holder, like the one on the dining table?


The angled artwork is so fun!
I am stoked about the light fixture over the dining table as well. Very cool mix of materials in it and throughout the space.


Great building you’re living in guys! Love the bricks, the large windows, the floor and what you did with the open space! The tilted artwork is a little too much for my OCD nature however =)


any chance you know the paint color you used on your chairs?


That dining table is stunning. The combination of rustic, modern, and sleek with the pops of color is creative and really works. The lighting is so unique. The entire space really gives you a feel for your style and personality. Beautiful home.

Paul Wilkes

@Lily we should all hang out on the roof sometime! @Wendy we found that candle holder at West Elm years ago, but I’m sure you can find one floating around on the net. @Jessie we picked up one of the MyColors by Pantone at Lowes. I think it was this one:


LOVE the dining room table and chairs. Any idea where I may find something similar?


thanks so much for all of the kind words.

@elissa there is a photo hanger and nail on the top corner of each item and a tiny tack nail on the outside of the bottom corner to prevent them from sagging.

@jessie we used pantone house paint color number 15-4707

Dagný Björg

I love how eveythings tilts to the side on the wall above the couch. Brilliant! And the rest of the apartment is ofcourse stunning :)


Love the chandelier over the dining table and am amazed that you did it yourself. Trying to create something similar for my new place. Could you share some of the how-to’s?!


I’ve always wanted to live in loft space like this! They’ve really made it their own, I particularly like the way they’ve hung the wall art, very unusual!


I am dying over your loft. One of these days I will have enough money to buy one in that building and move right in next to y’all!


Everything about your home is beautiful, including your adorable pups :) I love the brick walls, and your simple modern pieces blended with some antique/vintage decor, which matches perfectly in that loft building/space.
Very inspiring!


I love your bedding! Can you please tell me who makes it?


I do love bare brick! the 45degree angled pictures on the wall are a fantastic idea and wor beautifully.
Well done

Anna CF

is the art piece in the first photo one they created or purchased? i’m kind of totally in love with it.