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sneak peek: michael freimuth

by anne

Michael Freimuth is a graphic designer, soon-to-be teacher (at the School of Visual Arts this fall) and aspiring sous chef. Much of his time is spent working as creative director of Franklyn, a design firm he co-founded last year. Originally from Chicago, Michael had been in Manhattan’s East Village for several years before making the jump to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in search of more elbow room and foliage. He was fortunate to find this fabulous studio, which is literally in the East River State Park with a front stoop made of foundation bricks from the Brooklyn Bridge. For the space itself, Michael likes a balance of contrasts — contemporary and heritage accents amongst neutrals and simple pieces paired with complex items — while maintaining a clean, casual and comfortable environment. Many thanks to Bob Martus and Jessica Weit for the lovely photographs! — Anne

Image above: Sunny little corner of my home studio

Image above: A fluorescent poster by the design firm Triboro, at home with my favorite fluorescent shoes

Image above: The canvas tracking that separates the bedroom makes the space feel that much bigger — plus it’s saved me several times on those untidy-bedroom-meets-unscheduled-dinner-party occasions.

More of Michael’s home studio after the jump . . .

Image above: No offense to James Victore intended.

Image above: I’ve been hauling this tree stump with me for the last decade; it’s the best part of moving. It probably weighs close to 100 lbs and enjoys rolling down streets, stairs and traveling cross-country (it’s originally from a park in my hometown of Chicago). I’m quite sure it intentionally found a home near my grandfather’s whiskey decanters.

Image above: One of my favorite parts of the studio is its thoroughly beat-up floors. Despite the ability to lose keys, credit cards and cell phones between the floorboards, they’re one of the most charming characteristics of the space.

Image above: Hidden bowling pins and a few purchases from Brook Farm General Store

Image above: A memorable letter from my grandparents next to just one of about 30 vintage tennis rackets hidden in an adjacent travel chest

Image above: My dad managed to crash several cars in his youth, including but not limited to an E-Type Jag. I believe this beautiful license plate toward the back was from one of the few survivors. And that stack of cards represents about one percent of my business card collection.

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