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sneak peek: jon and paige ashcroft

by anne

I love seeing the homes of talented designers who live outside the typical major design hubs. Today’s peek inside Jon and Paige Ashcroft’s 1,400 square-foot home built in 1928 takes us to the Coronado Historical District of Phoenix, Arizona. There, Jon works as an illustrator/designer/art director who specializes in editorial illustrations, infographics, apparel and branding systems. His wife, Paige, is an Aveda-trained stylist who works out of the Altered Ego Salon in Tempe with a variety of freelance hair clients. Her creativity extends into their home, where she spends her free time crafting or reupholstering furniture. In the notorious suburban sprawl of Phoenix, Jon and Paige are proud to call their home “modest.” Their personal style is a mix of mid-century modern and Paige’s love of antiques and classic craftsman-style homes combined with a healthy dose of DIY projects. Overall, the home is in a constant state of flux, as the couple is always looking for new projects to take on and ideas and skills to try out and learn. Thanks so much, Jon and Paige! — Anne

Image above: Friends who visit our home usually assume the framed picture here is a portrait of a 1940s Appalachian family, but in reality, it is Paige and her older siblings from the late 1980s. The lamp was a gift from one of Paige’s clients and features an awesome lighted base. I’ve never come across anything quite like it in all of our vintage treasure hunting.

Image above: Last year for my birthday, I went out of town with my friends to attend the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, and while I was away, Paige recovered our fireplace with wood slats. It was an awesome gift to come home to and always gets a ton of compliments. The silhouettes are of our Boxer, Sam, and our American Bulldog/Pit Bull, Molly.

More of Jon and Paige’s Arizona home after the jump!

Image above: Our couch was rescued from a friend, and Paige took on the task of completely reupholstering it and repainting the frame. It took her over a month, but she did an amazing job. We created the area rug out of $1 carpet samples we found at an upholstery outlet and fused them together with Gorilla Tape on the underside. The coffee table is an old travel chest given to us by Paige’s grandparents that we modified to our liking.

Image above: Our headboard is a vintage door we bought from a neighbor, and the woodgrain pillows were a score from Target. Our respective sides of the bed are clearly labeled with our initials, should we forget who goes where.

Image above: Paige found me this amazing bedside clock a few years back at an estate sell. One of the beauties of living in Arizona is that we don’t fuss with daylight saving time, so I never have to reset it.

Image above: Paige’s craft station is outfitted with an assortment of goods, equipping her for any project she may want to take on. She repainted this old chair and hand weaved the seat out of various fabrics.

Image above: I’m not so into myself that I insist on plastering our home with my own artwork, but between gallery showings, I need a place to store artwork, so I figured the walls of the house were as good a place as any.

Image above: We ditched our upper cabinets about a year ago and opted for this open shelving unit. The visibility of the setup forces us to be organized and tidy, which can be difficult but is a huge plus for us in the end.

Image above: I have an affinity for hats that is matched only by Paige’s love of scarves and jackets, so we keep lots of hangers around to store all of our goods.

Image above: A nook in our hallway that stores an assortment of vintage finds.

Image above: Late last year, with the help of some friends, I completely renovated my home studio. The project called for tearing out the floor (joists and all), re-leveling the foundation and building everything up from there. I built this long table so Paige and I can spend time together even when I’m deep in work; the extra workspace also allows me to host friends and colleagues who need a place to work for a few days.

Image above: I worked at Fender Musical Instruments for several years as a designer, and this book was a gift given to me on my last day. All of my friends and co-workers within the company signed it, so it’s a rock and roll yearbook of sorts and one of my favorite possessions.

Image above: Like many of the other contents of our home, our dogs are rescued treasures. Our Boxer, Sam, was adopted from some friends who could no longer keep him, and we found our American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix, Molly, as a puppy tossed out on the streets and covered in dried tar and crawling with ticks. They look pretty intimidating but couldn’t be sweeter.

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  • I love it, and your dogs are so absolutely adorable (I seem to be automatically drawn to dogs with snaggletooths!). Well done!!

  • I love the little, genuine imperfections around the home. the uneven kitchen floor and little creases in the bed spread show that real people live in this beautiful space. I can identify more easily with a space like this one than I can with some of the pristine, high-budget sneak peeks. Thanks for the inspiration!
    P.S. The colors you’ve chosen and the shelves above the desk are particular highlights to me.

  • I love everything in their home; everything has such a sweet story and just from how Jon decribes them and their home, you can tell what a really lovely couple they must be :-)

  • What a darling home…I especially love that bedside clock. I’ll bet some DIY tekkie type could recreate this in a heartbeat and create a best-selling product. Anyone?

  • Paige and Jon –
    We love your place- esp the vintage pieces,
    But our favorite is the P and J above the bed! Think we might have to do that also.
    Page and John

  • Finally! Bullies in a beautiful home! They so desperately need and deserve a little good publicity every once in a while, and our house would not be a home without our rescue pit bull, Agnes!

  • beautiful, perfection! love the rescues, they just make this sneak peak even better. thank you for allowing us into your home!

  • hey! we were just in the Coronado district for the Historic Neighborhood Event! I don’t remember seeing this beauty, though!

  • I love the DIY rug in the living room and the cozy dining nook in the kitchen. The two pups make the place… love their names, too. What a special, cozy home!

  • did the ceiling fan in the bedroom come that way or did you do something to it? i hate the standard ceiling fan that came with my rental. i am this close to ripping it out and risking losing my deposit money. any tips/advice is welcome.

  • I love the modest dimensions of this home- and yet it’s clear the creativity that exists within it is not hindered by square footage. I love Paige’s desk. Where do the “sawhorse” legs come from.

  • Thank you all so much for the kind words! Let me try and answer a few of the questions that have been asked.

    Leslie – That’s awesome! We didn’t enter our home in the tour but maybe next year.

    Sheryl Charles – It’s a pretty standard fan but we outfitted it with a plastic lamp shade from Ikea. The shade hangs on little chains that are attached to the light fixture of the fan.
    It’s totally non-evasive and a great way to make standard ceiling fans less of an eye sore.

    Finnygals – The sawhorse legs are from Ikea and the top is a butcher block cabinet top (also from Ikea).

  • Love Sam’s underbite! and Molly’s pink accents!!!!! I just want to kiss them both! Thanks for giving them an obviously loving home!

  • Paige! You should’ve gotten a pic of the fireplace you built up. I loved how you were creating that last time I was in town. Very cool feature of your artsy home :)
    Jen Foss

  • Love your dogs….I have 2 Eng. Bull Terriers and homes aren’t the same without dogs!!!

  • Aside from the whole house being beautiful, those silhouettes of the dogs are so awesome! I also have a pit bull and a boxer. :)

  • I adore that fireplace! How are they fastened on? Such a great, simple, rustic/modern look.

  • Liz, the jars are from Ace Hardware. April, I made the artwork. It’s just a canvas from Michaels with a wash using left over grey paint from the kitchen and Christmas decorations I scored for 75% off. Thanks for checking out our feature!

  • Cat, the magazine racks are from Marshals/TJ Maxx/ Homegoods. I think they may still have them bacause it wasn’t that long ago that I saw they still had some. Thanks!

  • Your home is beautiful! I especially love the home studio and I cannot get over the flooring ! Where is it from?! (I’m putting new floors down as my next project and have been looking everywhere for great-looking flooring like yours!) Thanks!!

  • So cool. I could go on and on. Love the dogs and that they are rescues. Where did you find the letters that are over the bed? I’m been trying to find some. Thanks.

  • Lindsay, the letters are from Hobby Lobby about 5 years ago. But I have seen some pretty sweet paper/cardboard letters at Joanne’s Fabric that are meant to be decorated to ones liking. Good luck!