sneak peek: husky ranch


Grace Hsiu is a designer for iTunes with a penchant for cooking (Two Dudes, One Pan style), watching the NBA and concocting the perfect Old Fashioned. These days she’s based in Pasadena, California, but her roots are in Virginia Beach, Virginia (the same as our own Grace Bonney!). Her home is dubbed “Husky Ranch” for the two stubborn huskies she wrangles. Grace’s style wasn’t influenced by her parents so much as her childhood friend Amanda, whose parents had two bright yellow Bertoia diamond chairs in their living room where they’d play as kids. This deep love of the chairs, which they coined “lemon peelers,” sticks with Grace to this day. However, it wasn’t just the decor that made Amanda’s family’s home fantastic but also the personality and warmth it carried. Now with a home of her own, Grace’s only decorating rule is that each piece has to serve a purpose or mean something. Many thanks to Laure Joliet for the photos, Morgan Satterfield and Abby Stone for styling, and Margaret for the tip! — Anne

Image above: The big painting in the entryway was a gift from Scott Herskovitz; my mom made the navy and white striped pillow after she saw the painting, thinking they would go well together. The red Bertoia diamond chairs are vintage and an ode to my friend Amanda.

Image above: I was — and still am — a tomboy at heart; and I love old Time Life photos of Steve McQueen. I wanted the guest room to look like a place to crash after a long road trip à la Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The flag above the bed is from Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.

More of Husky Ranch after the jump . . .

Image above: Another Hersk painting in the living room. The end tables were won on eBay from a guy in Glendora; the Tlingit wood box is from a friend in Seattle; the lamp is vintage from Laure.

Image above: The squirrel candleholders on the mantle are from Jonathan Adler, but the real reason I got them was because of a grisly incident that happened in the backyard a few months prior that involved the death of a squirrel by way of husky. I felt so bad about it that when I saw these, I felt compelled to get them.

Image above: I have always wanted a Platner side table ever since passing one up at the Rose Bowl. This vintage one is from eBay.

Image above: “Bears are Violent” is a print that my friend Flo Zavala made; I unearthed it a few years ago when I was closet cleaning. The Thonet chairs were another find on eBay — they came from a public school in Cleveland, Ohio.

Image above: Vintage cloth napkins from my friend and writer Abby Stone

Image above: The art on the walls in the den are: Dreamcatcher from Big Bear, Steven Harrington (local to Pasadena), The Clayton Brothers, Barry McGee (a gift from my friend Benny Gold), a print from Colonial Williamsburg, and my favorite: an original Mark Gonzales piece.

Image above: The master bedroom is a culmination of stuff (and styles?) that I’ve gone through ever since I got my first solo apartment. It’s not cohesive in the least, but everything has a story behind it or was given to me as a gift, so it’s hard for me to part with any of it. The print above my bed is from Todd St. John & Gary Benzel years ago; more Hersk paintings on the far cabinet next to yet another vintage blue Bertoia.

Image above: Vignette in the guest room — the old Budweiser crate actually holds the Airport Extreme base and other power cords.

Image above: After four years of dealing with a country-time mustard yellow bathroom, I really wanted a white, modern-ish bathroom. Nick, my contractor, custom built the wood frame around the medicine cabinet. I had ordered the wrong cabinet (thinking it had a metal border — it didn’t) but they had already installed it, so we couldn’t return it.

Image above: Nanz (short for Bananas) is the younger, crazy one; Herbie (back) is eight years old and super calm . . . unless there are treats around.


ahhh! So much about this house has stuff that I like and have in my own place… it’s kinda creepy! From the navajo/tribal rugs and pillows to the mid century furniture to the distorted folk art to the succulent globe gardens- and even the shearling slippers! Beautiful home! LOVE IT… now i need a husky :-)


What an amazingly well-put-together space. The mix of designer furniture, vintage accessories and fabulous art really make the space feel personal and inviting.


okay. i SERIOUSLY need to know more about those AMAZING rugs – source??

mollie blackwood

I love the perfect mix of eclectic, vintage, and rustic/southwestern charm. It’s not overly designed and looks very comfortable and livable. Whenever I look at this posts, sometimes it’s hard to imagine people living in the spaces because they are so perfect (and clean!) but not this one. Wonderful feature, y’all!


I love this house. It looks so inviting and warm. Love all the rugs and how textural all the fabrics are.


What a great space as well as collection of iconic furniture, art and rugs! It’s stylish, fun and comfortable looking. Great finds! Did you also find all of the fabulous rugs on eBay?


Nice home! I understand about the stubborn huskies! I just finished vacuuming up after mine! Getting into my plants, shedding and playing with her food all over the place. She’s still very much a puppy!


I really like the mix of neutral with vibrant rugs, it makes the home look peaceful but loved. I would like to know where the bed frame came from. Its beautiful.


I think this place shows how easy it is to acquire Mid-Century Modern furnishings without busting a budget. Just be persistent…even have a budget as you shop.


Ahhhh so these are the ridiculously gorgeous huskies from morgan’s instagram. Kudos to you for having TWO huskies. I grew up with one and she was an adorable holy terror that ruined our home/lives but we loved her.

And holy cr-ap all your rugs are absurdly amazing.

To anyone wanting similar rugs, check out BlueTeddy on Etsy (never purchased so don’t quote me, buyer beware) I want to hoard them but my guy won’t allow it, so go forth and purchase them all!

Kristen Parker

Your house is beautifully designed! Ummm…the rugs?! They are awesome!!! Where did you find those??


I always come to D*S to catch a dose of serious rug envy! I also have serious case of lamp envy from that turquoise lamp in the picture with the planter table – is it a vintage one off or by any chance mass produced and availiable (no..i didnt think so!)


What are your tricks for keeping your rugs looking so great with TWO dogs :) I only have one and my rugs are constantly full of dog hair. And vacuuming thin rugs is so hard?! Any tips? LOVE, love, love your space, btw!


Thanks everyone for your kind words! The rug in the living room is indeed from BlueTeddy on Etsy (–Rhonda, who runs the shop, was great to work with and super fast shipping); the one in the den is a few years old from Pottery Barn (I think you can still find it on eBay, its called the Terra Cotta Kilim); and the one in the guest room is vintage that Laure found.

As far as vacuuming tips go, we vacuum once a week with an older Dyson model. I use a pretty thick rug pad for the thin rugs (the ones that are wool felt on one side and rubber on the other) to hold the rugs in place and that helps a LOT with the vacuuming.


I’d love to know the source of the bed frame under the flag. :) Thanks!


Oops, forgot to source the bed frames. The one in the guest room is Ikea Malm in white-stained oak; the bed in the master bedroom is from Crate and Barrel from a few years back. I’m not sure if the lamp in the living room was mass produced in the 60s, but I do remember seeing a similar one from Caravan Pacific!


I love how the patterns repeat itself in some of the spaces. For example, the pattern on the pillow shows up also in the picture (in the first photo). The dogs are adorable and I want those slippers!


Nicole B

Can you please tell me where the blanket is from on the couch in the den?? Thanks!!


Great LA-style home, and awesome dogs!! Beautiful patterns everywhere.


best ever sneak peek! love the mid century furniture and awesome textiles…

Mary Anne P

Gorgeous place! Would love to cozy up , make merry and have lots of fun in this space! I love the Scott Herkovitz black and white painting. Need that one in my lounge / dining space! It’s fabulous!

jen @ circle and sprout

I love your home! So comfortable and welcoming. I too, have 2 huskies (one is a husky mix). I like to say they keep us from taking things too seriously! Very, very nice sneak peak, thank you!


OMG. Where did you find that Anheuser Busch crate? I’m from St. Louis, grandpa worked for AB, I love Budwesier. live near the brewery…. I MUST have one! Where do you suggest looking?

– Danielle

Amy Harper

I’m in the love with the entire look! Such a perfect balance of modern furnishings and warm, rustic, tribal-inspired textiles. Just gorgeous!

Bela Oldham

ok, i am in desperate need of that “bears are violent” print, are those for sale anywhere??


Love your house, so beautiful! Could you tell me where you got the gray chair with foot rest? (next to the table you got on ebay)


I would love a Bears are Violent print! Amongst all the lovely things… it’s the one that caught my eye the most! :)


nice Gonz original! love Barry McGee too. and I definitely love that lamp!


Oh, to do a house-swap! I absolutely love this place, what a discerning eye for design… Its given life to my innermost feelings of jealousy… :)


Hi! Love your home! Where did you find that gray chair with the matching foot rest in the image with the Platner side table? Thanks!!


I love your taste in mid-century, Danish, and western…such a great and unique combination!! :)

Lily from Birch + Bird

Oh my, I love your home and all of your amazing rugs! So much colour, personality and texture…the perfect mix of gorgeous and completely liveable! Well done :)


Your home is beautiful! Perfect mix of modern and vintage! Could you please tell me where you found the white table cloth? I love how it has the long and short sides!


I just love that gray chair and ottoman in the living room. Mind sharing where it came from?


love your home. beautiful. this post makes me miss my red husky sooo much today. wish she was still here, begging for treats :)

Amberly Charter

Wonderful place, thank you for sharing! One of my favorite Sneak Peeks! I especially love all of the colors and the mix of rustic and modern (among other styles)! Very unique.


this sneak peek is one of my all-time faves. It inspired me and made me think. @Andrea: you can put a rectangular tablecloth on a round table and get the same long/short effect


I love how intentional and meaningful every little thing in your home is. The lack of clutter and clean white walls make it easy to appreciate all your beautifully curated art and belongings. Inspiring!


Amazing and creative. Those beautiful dogs took me back to my childhood. I grew up with one named China. Thanks for making me smile.


Love it all!! I love the clean white walls. What color are the walls and trim?


Bears are Violent by Flo Zavala – where can I get a copy!?! I want it on my wall…!


This is such a beautiful home. I love that it isn’t precious at all while also clearly being carefully curated. I am also a lover of the Western aesthetic, but which can easily become kitschy. You have managed to walk that line between remembering the past through objects and also living in the present. Love it!

Jeff Conrad

I love this place! Does anyone know what the foldable bedside table is in the guest bedroom?

Amy Ezell

I love the multi-colored pillow on the master bed. Do you happen to know where it’s from?

Griselda Gomez

We currently have spoonge painting in our
bedrooms and guess bathroombbut need touch ups.