Oh, stripes. How can I stay away? This adorable stripe-themed copy of Shimashimajima at Tortoise in LA seems like a perfect start to the day. Colorful, upbeat and beautifully designed, it’s a great way to kick off summer weather. Click here to pick up a copy online at Tortoise for $35. xo, grace


Wow. This is great. Not exactly sure what the story is but I’m going to check it out.

All that happy color. Reminds me of quilting.


I bought this at Mitsuwa near Chicago last year! All of the children’s books are sold wrapped in plastic there so I just picked it based on the cover. I was so pleased when I opened it up and saw all of the amazing, colourful illustrations!


The title might be translated as “Stripey Island” and that second page just says “Stripey Island is striped again today.” That is cute! Before I leave Japan I’m going to pack my bags full of children’s books.