serena & lily in swaziland

Despite swearing off pink, it’s still the color that gets me to click the “buy” or “like” button the fastest. So basically, my attempt to resist pink has been a massive failure. When I saw these new baskets at Serena & Lily, I was immediately drawn in by the little ribbons of pink running through the them. Gathered from an outdoor marketplace in Swaziland, these handwoven reed baskets use local Lutindzi grass. I love all the shapes they’re available in (as well as the bowl/tray versions) and the little pops of bright pink and blue. Serena & Lily have limited quantities, so if you’d like to pick up a basket or two, click here to check them out in more detail (prices range from $40–$60). xo, grace


The more I see these types of baskets, the more I fall in love with this southern Africa style. I bought one similar to these for my mom (she loves baskets) when I was studying abroad in Lesotho.
This post just brought me right back.
And I want the blue and purple vase shaped one. It’s beautiful!