savoy green

Sometimes a really great color can stop me in my tracks. After picking up some new plants and flowers for my house at Sprout Home this week, I spotted this cute card from Pie Bird Press. Inspired by a classic Savoy Camera, this card is the perfect shade of minty green. Cards this cute are the reason I rarely mail cards and tend to hoard them instead. If you want to drop an extra cute note in the mail, you can grab this card at Sprout Home (in the flower shop) in Brooklyn or online right here ($5). xo, grace


I love cards but I usually seem to end up with the sparkly pastel pink granddaughter/neice cards more than cute ones like these (not to say those aren’t appreciated!) Maybe I should start keeping an eye out – these seem like a pretty good start, too :)

Danielle E

This is the color of my bathroom in floor to ceiling vintage tile. :)

Plein Jane

Pie Bird makes the best cards. I send its “Pencil Shavings” card out to clients whenever I want to write a short note. And now that I see it, I might have to have that card with the lawn chairs!


Oh my! My sister had that camera when I was in Jr. High! I remember borrowing it to take to the Spring Dance so that I could take a picture of the boy I had a crush on!