satsuma press 2012

I love the sweet and delicate details of Satsuma Press’ cards. Lynn does a great job of pairing a subtle color palette with perfectly edited design details that always feel like just enough of both. They’ve become some of my go-to cards for sending people personal notes because they don’t distract with too much crazy pattern and seem to blend well with words and messages that mean something. Lynn just introduced four new designs on her site, each printed in a beautiful pink, ochre, mist and dark charcoal color palette. Click here to check out the images in more detail and pick up a set. xo, grace


These are such subtly beautiful cards! And the use of color + white is fantastic. What a great find! :)


I love Lynn’s designs! I have a number of different cards from her that I haven’t quite gotten around to sending out because I love them so much!! :)

Holly (The Apiarist)

I am such a big fan of Satsuma Press! I completely agree that you almost don’t want to send them because you want to keep them around and run your fingers over their delicate decorations. So lovely.


I love her stationery! She has also, in the past, partnered with Skinny Laminx and Pigeon Toe Ceramics… Plus she lives in my tiny little town, so I’m especially happy about her feature on d*s!


Grace – this stationery is just so sweet and pretty. Satsuma are very clever in their mix of colours and the way this series takes the tone from the edge of the colour. Very clever and sophisticated.


Always a fan of Satsuma Press. Thanks for sharing! The simplicity and the colors are gorgeous, as usual.