recipe bags

Speaking of food, how cute are these tote bags? Illustrator Alessandra Olanow (check out her sneak peek here) designed these sweet tote bags that celebrate a recipe from start to finish. Each ingredient is listed and illustrated, and the recipe is written. You simply take the bag to the market, pick up the things you see illustrated and you’ve got a meal ready to cook. I love simple ideas like this; I hope they’ll trick me into cooking more. Click here to check out Alessandra’s bags in more detail and pick one up online ($26 each). xo, grace


This is the perfect wedding shower gift – I am going to fill it with fun kitchen tools!

The Slow Pace

They’re great! We used those kind of bags almost everyday, and it’d be better and funnier to see those designs!

Jackie du Prey

Is it cheating to use this bag to hold jars of pre-made bolognese sauce. Sadly that’s all I can manage in the kitchen….but I’ll still be looking sweet with my funky tote bag!


Super cute bags but I notice now with the exit of plastic bags ,which I’m all for,now we just can’t wait to make a buck,these are very pricey,and impress with having the cutest bags! And while it is fun to take our cool bags to the grocery,and I’m a sucker for the pretty ones and I’m guilty myself,let’s not trade out one wasteful problem for another.