I don’t think I’ve written a purple post in at least four years. Which is precisely how often I feel drawn to that color. Purple and I have a very touch-and-go relationship, primarily because it reminds me of my elementary school bedroom, which had a grape vine theme (I know). But every now and then something purple shows up in my submissions folder and I’m intrigued. These purple pieces from LSA have my beloved ombre fade going on and seem appropriate for summer, when I tend to embrace all the colors I’ve forsaken for black during the winter. The Mezzo tumblers above would be great for summer drinks, but I’d be happy to keep them bedside for water. Click here to check out the tumblers ($40 for 4) and here and here for the cute carafes ($24). xo, grace


Admittedly I am a fan of purple, but these are so casually elegant (if that makes sense?) that I think I would love them in any color.

Grace Bonney


They are sold in stores in the US. Here are two from their stockists page:

Museum of Modern Art (NYC)
Atmosphere Home (Florida)

I’d suggest calling both to see what they have in stock. They’ll both definitely ship to you :)



I know just what you mean. Deep purple makes me think of unicorns and renaissance fairs, which makes me very uncomfortable. However, lately I am in love with grayish lavender. I’ve painted two rooms in pale versions of that color and I’ve been drawn to art with deeper saturation levels. I hope I don’t get sick of it, but for the moment it seems modern and moody.


Honestly, I’m in love with purple! So much of the color depends on what it is paired with and what the tone is – I should amend my favorite color to dark purple. I also think it is easier to work with when it is more of an eggplant purple than a royal purple.

Anyway, these are wonderful! I would love to have one of those carafes for my future kitchen. Gorgeous!

Monica Lee

I am with you, Grace! When purple made it’s big “comeback” a couple of years ago all I could think was little girls room. But lilac is finally rubbing off on me…if only we could get rid of that “little pony” character! Then purple might make it’s way into my heart to stay.


I feel the same way about purple. I just can’t separate it from unicorns (my sister’s two obsessions;). The only place it’s forgivable is in the garden!


All I can think about is the purple DMs a friend wanted to wear at her wedding, fortunately she came round in the end. It’s all a bit royal for me.

Lisa Mende Design

I changed my feeling about purple or should i say lavender when John Salandino used it in his living room..until then…reminded me of old lady dresses but