We finally made a decision on our office lighting, but I can’t turn off that part of my brain that has been hunting down pendants for months. These steel polyhedron pendants at Restoration Hardware are really stunning and would be dramatic grouped together in different sizes. Though it drives me nuts that lights this big have one lonely bulb hanging in the middle; they don’t do much for functional lighting, but if you’ve got the budget for decorative lighting — or just want to create some ambient mood lighting — these are gorgeous. Click here to check out the pendants in three different sizes. xo, grace

Annie H

Great choice. I’ve been lusting after these for months. Can’t wait to see the new office.


As someone who has been missing a light over her dining room table for more than a year, waiting to find just the right fixture, I’m dying to see what you chose! (And yes, I have the same problem – I need my lights to be functional as well as decorative!!)


I see these light fixtures in a dining room as well, but I love how it’s place in this man-cave living space.

Salli @ Tiipii

These pendants look fabulous! but true, the practicality isn’t great. But, if you already have great lighting and just want to have a centerpiece, they’re the perfect choice.


Ah yes I have admired those before. Quite lovely. Though I agree that it is a bit frustrating when you find a light so lovely but would surely not cast enough light for its purpose. I’d love to replace my dining rooms light but switching from eight 60-watt candelabra bulbs to one 100-watt bulb would be startling and inadequate!


I found one of these at Homesense in Canada for $60 ish dollars last fall. I am currently using it in the hallway of my character home from 1910 and it works perfectly with the original window that is the focal point as it has a diamond pattern in it. The living room fixture needs to be replaced as well but I need to find something that will work with this. Can’t even express how excited I was to see this on DS!


Where can I buy the sectional pictured? Love the entire design