new: eskayel poolside collection

by Grace Bonney

Summer has officially come to NYC (Winter? Spring? Not much of that here. It’s 70 already.), so I’ve got pools on the brain. Since it looks like my chances of getting into an actual pool in the city are slim to none,* I’ve got to get my pool fix somewhere else. These gorgeous new wallpapers, fabrics, pillows and woven bowls are from Shanan at Eskayel. Her recently launched “Poolside” collection captures pool life perfectly. From watery patterns to soft, light-dappled shades of blue, Shanan has nailed the look and feel of pool water. I’m not big on patterned walls these days, but some of these wallpapers would look amazing on the inside of a cabinet or closet or lining drawers; these would be great places to see a dash of color and pattern. Click here to check out (and shop) her new collection online. That “Ula” pattern is my favorite — it’s the perfect combination of modern and poolside chic. xo, grace

*Amy and I may need to institute a “will blog for swim time” plan this summer when the real heat kicks in. So if you live in NYC and have a pool, you know whom to call (or email) . . .

More images from the Poolside collection continue after the jump . . .

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