I know I should really let it go, but I can’t loosen my grip on all things geometric. I’m not normally a slave to a particular trend or look, but for some reason trapezoids, triangles and rhombuses really have their hooks in me. So naturally, this amazing geometric light from Bec Brittain is at the top of my “OMG I want it” list. Bec wanted to explore the ways in which light and reflection change and transform, so she used a mirrored surface that would appear both translucent and reflective, whether the light was on or off. It looks like a giant jewel for your ceiling, and off or on, it’s one of the most gorgeous lights I’ve seen in a while. You can check out Maxhedron in more detail right here. xo, grace

Molly (in DC)

I’m normally right there with ya on all things geometric, but this is just too 1980’s for me… I think it’s the smoked glass.

call me debbie

Oh my it’s perfect: it remind me of Marina’s and the diamonds video clip “obsessions”
Check it out and you will get what i mean! (by the way i love her songs!) =)


The top two images (which actually appear to be identical?) made me think “meh, smoked glass,” but the bottom images = stunning. Very cool!