maresca textiles

I love it when people are inspired by the beauty of the South. It’s probably my favorite part of the country, and I think Georgia and South Carolina in particular produce some truly incredible textile artists. Inspired by a move from New York to Savannah, GA, artist Kathryn Maresca decided to create a line of textiles for the home. Kathryn’s designs are inspired by Savannah’s natural beauty and the South’s rich history of hand-printing and embroidery. Her designs are colorful and feel spot-on for summer, so if you’re looking for something to spruce up your sofas or chairs, click here to check out Kathryn’s new collection. xo, grace


I love all the fabrics but was taken by the lead. Savannah is on the short list for Spring Break coming up next week. My daughter and I are waiting for last minute flight deals. New Orleans is also on the list.


Beautiful textiles and couldn’t agree with you more about the South being one of our favorite parts of the country! And Savannah in particularly, it’s the city my wife and I chose to get married in ’07.


These are really beautiful. I’m lucky enough to live close enough to Savannah to be able to take a day trip there, but not too close to find the beauty of the city mundane or expected. It’s such an inspiring city!


Ditto about the South. I live in New England now after growing up in the South and although I appreciate the New England aesthetic, I miss the colors and atmosphere (and weather!) of the South so much! Love these fabrics & pillows – I think they are the perfect thing to incorporate in my home to remind me of the most beautiful places on earth! Thanks for sharing this!

Audrey - This Little Street

These pillows are just gorgeous. They make me want to take the next flight down South to fuel up on all things beautiful over there – I’ve never been, so it’s about time! :)

Susan Brinson

These are really beautiful. I love the patterns and color palette. Sending an email now to see if these are washable and will stand up next to my dog…


wow – just looked at the website. This is such beautiful textile design, conveying an aesthetic that is easily recognized by anyone who’s been to that area of the country – and yet it has a modern feel. So lovely – I wish the designer much success. And kudos to her for doing her own printing!


Lovely and fresh! They look beautiful, and also comfy.