Malin Appelgren Paulsson

There’s something about the way hand-beaten brass reflects light that makes it simply irresistible. These gorgeous sconces are from Swedish metalsmith Malin Appelgren Paulsson. Trained by her grandfather, who designed sconces for King Gustav V in the early 1930s, Malin now produces these sconces in brass and pewter. I love how simple but sophisticated they are. Pieces like this effortlessly straddle the line between traditional and modern, making them worth the investment. And the fact that you can see each of Malin’s 3,000 hammer hits (and her grandfather’s maker’s stamp) gives them a truly handmade feel that shows just how much time went into them. If you’re interested in checking out Malin’s sconces, you can contact The Shop Floor Project for details and purchasing. xo, grace


I love hammered metal and these are beautiful. I went to The Shop Floor Project website and could not find them. That is a difficult website for searching and there is no search button either. Can you provide a link to where to find them on that website? I also went to her website.


frances pelzman liscio

These are gorgeous! I wonder if she wold make me a custom reflector for my ring flash :-)
(can’t hurt to dream.) The softness of both the silver and gold versions must make for a lovely glow.

Samantha Allan

Hi, this is Samantha from The Shop Floor Project – thanks Design Sponge for featuring Malin’s wall sconces – they’ll be online by the end of April but if you email us directly I can send more information and prices, measurements etc and you can buy them directly.

Hope that helps!