living in: to kill a mocking bird


There hasn’t been a story since Harper Lee’s 1960 novel To Kill a Mockingbird that’s held America with such rapt attention. Its sensitive and straightforward depiction of race relations in the Depression-era South was a moral beacon for the country, and Lee’s characters still inspire today. Fifty years ago, the 1962 movie version brought our beloved Scout and Atticus Finch to life, and we’ve wished ever since that we could be part of the family. — Amy Merrick

1. Vintage Pendant Lamp, $175; 2. Rolex Pocket Watch, $699; 3. Garden Twine, $14; 4. Porch Swing, $70; 5. Vintage Overalls, $298; 6. Halifax Glasses, $45; 7. Frye Boots, $268; 8. Jacks Set, $6; 9. Doublemint, $8/pack of 12; 10. Ham

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Gregory Peck’s Atticus embodies everything we want in a hero — handsome, honest, dapper and a little careworn — while Scout brings the spunk in spades. More than just style, the movie hammers home serious substance, too. Grade-A, top-shelf, 5-star viewing pleasure. Now help me find a ham costume.

1. Big Ben Clock, $19; 2. Waterman Fountain Pen, $42; 3. Vintage Accordion Peg Rack, $28; 4. Felt Fedora, $180; 5. Vintage Armchair, $1500; 6. Handkerchief Set, $12; 7. New York Times, $3.95; 8. Mother of Pearl Pocket Knife, $80; 9. Emmerson Cardigan, $117; 10. Gavel, $41

amy walters, aDESIGNdock

I remember watching this in highschool! Somehow, at the time, I didn’t pick up on how awesome the movie sets were. I think I was so caught up in the movie’s plot!


I live in Seattle. One Halloween, I saw someone walking down the street in an identical “ham” costume. I wanted to hug him/her.


Love the book, love the movie! Thanks for sharing!

Bonnie McCarthy

I just saw this movie again recently and loved the classic styling of the sets & wardrobes. Atticus Finch is a dreamboat! xo

Claudia Madeira

It’s a wonderful movie! I saw him just a few weeks ago :)
(and by the way, I love your site, it’s really inspiring ;))


Such a great book and even better film! Love the inspiration for these pieces.



Aah, so sweet. Thanks for this post. I want to go home right now and watch this movie again.

Joyce Pauline

YAY, my favorite movie. This just totally made my day.


It’sa great movie ror the whole family. We wacht it last summer with my kids (6 and 9), and its a great lesson for them about justice and honor. Love it!


This is one of those rare movies that actually lives up to the book and then some–a fabulous classic that must be re-read and re-watched every so often. Loved this post, thanks!


Love this! And you can’t get sexier than Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch. This was Robert Duvall’s first movie! He played Boo Radley.


Great pic for a Living In segment. LOVED the movie and book, love the era. I saw this again recently after rereading the book. It is so much more meaningful now than as a teen. Did you know that the character Dill is based on Truman Capote, who was a childhood (and lifelong) friend of Harper Lee?


Grew up with the book and movie, poster’s in my apartment. Needless to say this may be my new favorite living in! Great post!


Thanks for the awesome post! One of my favorite books and movies. My daughter’s name is Scout :)


This reminds me of my childhood – Every summer I would watch it.


Rare to love both the movie and the book. Such a beautiful story. Have seen the movie many times and I never tire of it.