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by amym

If Pollock is to be believed, being a genius ain’t easy. And why would it be? As one of the first major American abstract painters, Jackson Pollock had his work cut out for him, powering through negative criticism until his work was accepted by the art community and the world at large. Though his life was ruled by self-destruction, he got things aesthetically right. — Amy Merrick

1. Vintage Brushes, $10; 2. Jadeite Mugs, $30; 3. Jackson Pollock Print, $2; 4. Farmhouse Sink, $2099; 5. Kitchen Towels, $15; 6. Rotary Phone, $57; 7. Hand Brush, $9; 8. Fieldnotes, $12.50; 9. Enamel Coffee Pot, $60; 10. Filament Bulb, $9

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A light-filled Greenwich Village studio, minimal furniture and masculine accessories — all pluses for setting a nice looking scene. Seeing him dance around a canvas, paint flinging and swinging, it’s obvious that he was a master maker. Tortured soul aside, he makes me want to grab a brush and get dripping.

1. Truman Sconce, $129; 2. Arrow Sign, $32; 3. Rite in the Rain Notebook, $4; 4. Folding Scissors, $1; 5. Vintage Easel, $995; 6. F-Troop Work Boots, $99; 7. Vintage Work Bench, $2495; 8. IBM Clock, $235; 9. Paintbrush, $; 10. Gamsol Mineral Spirits, $4

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