living in: green card


Any movie whose central love story revolves around the love of an apartment is good in my book. The 1990 romantic comedy Green Card starring Andie MacDowell and Gérard Depardieu doesn’t disappoint in the home department: MacDowell marries Depardieu to qualify for her dream home in New York, complete with a greenhouse. It’s the kind of apartment movies love — gorgeous and ridiculously beyond reality for a young lady who makes a living as an inner-city gardener. Suspend your disbelief and prepare to fall in love, too. — Amy Merrick

1. Phalaenopsis Orchid, $64; 2. Pruning Shears, $29; 3. Catbird Wedding Band, $855; 4. Abby Hat, $48; 5. Copper Watering Can, $79; 6. Antique Potter’s Table, $2000; 7. Kitazawa Seeds, $3.50; 8. Wardian Case, $64; 9. Nutscene Garden Twine, $14; 10. Pot and Saucer, $12

The second set of stills and product round-up continue after the jump . . .

A marriage of convenience sounds pretty romantic when it involves a French accent and piles of houseplants. MacDowell’s dream home has an antique greenhouse, a rooftop terrace and a dramatic entry staircase, and when decked out with her botanical prints and feminine furniture, I can’t imagine a place I’d rather live. Even the movie’s hilariously familiar Enya soundtrack can’t break the spell, and that is saying something.

1. Split-Leaf Philodendron, $8; 2. Marian Fixture, $125; 3. Red Striped Tablecloth, $98; 4. Farmer’s Market Basket, $20; 5. Kilner Canning Jars, $6; 6. Lacquered Brass Table, $795; 7. Antique Wingback Chair, $4600; 8. Sage Pot, $60; 9. Large Terra-Cotta Mug, $37; 10. Wooden-Handled Garden Tools, $20+


But… the young and charming Gerard Depardieu isn’t listed…… I am sorry but “living in ” apartment would not be the same without him!


Whoa, typo on the Antique Potter’s Table! Missing a zero. $2,000. $200 would have been a steal for terrain!


I am so netflixing this. I remember it coming out years ago, but never had a chance to watch it. Until now!

call me debbie

This is my favorite post, by far!! I love this house i could sale my soul to have it, not literally, no but i love it! And it’s by a far one of the most beloved love stories!


Totally renting this tonight:) And I want all of the products you laid out. Brilliant:)


I remember thinking how bad of an actress Andie MacDowell was in this movie. My friends and I used to quote her line, “Do you know the trouble you’ve caused me do you?” in a complete monotone. On the plus-side, beautiful apartment! Beautiful boards!


Love the movie and the apartment! Yes, it’s silly, but still very sweet.
The elephants are growing restless, ma cherie!


Words cannot describe how much I love this film! I have probably watched it hundreds of times and can’t get tired of it! I love your design interpretation.

hawthorne girl

one of my all time favorite movies! go to juliette in williamsburg. they have the prettiest little atrium in the center of the restaurant that reminds me so much of her garden.


OMG!!! I haven’t seen this movie in forever!! It has all the fun, romantic chick flick qualities, a girl named Bronte, a cute french dude (more charming than cute maybe), a fab apartment! Love it!!


One of my favourite movies and made by an Aussie – yeah! How I so loved that apartment and Gerard. I bought the soundtrack straight after too – Enya was on high rotation for quite some time.

Have a great week, Stephie x


I had forgotten about this one! This movie was a sort of awakening for my 8 year old self – both romantically and architecturally. Both seemed fantastical and dangerous at the time. Thanks for the round up!


Ha! My family stills quotes Andie yelling at him, “You big Freeench…OAF!”


This was my very favourite movie to watch with my bff in high school. How we adored the apartment. Thanks for the flash-back- LOVE it!


Having watched the movie now, I have to admit it was way better than I had expected. I am not a fan of Gérard Depardieu, but played his part extremely well.
Btw, I love Lacquered Brass Table. I wish it was slightly cheaper.


An quiet follower of Design*Sponge until this moment. Love this movie…makes me smile so much!!


I haven’t seen this movie, but now I’m inspired. I love the easy, earthy feel of these items (even though I’m terrible with plants.)


ohhhh! I had forgotten about this film. It was so sweet and cute. My kind of fun film to have on while working on a project.
(I’m crossing my fingers that one day you will do “Return to Me”, my all time favorite.)
Thanks for this great post, I will be watching this again soon!
– Cindi


Oh wow! I remember seeing this years ago and falling in love with that apartment! So glad to see it here! Also, if I remember correctly, even though she was an inner-city gardener, she came from a wealthy family, so I can easily see her affording that lovely place.


Fun. Wood-inlay pruners are nice to look at, but buy a pair of Felco’s for real garden work.

Heidi (AlpineGypsy)

There is something so addictive about this movie – the apartment is only one (albeit fantastic!) part of it. The love story is quite unexpected, and romantic as well. One of my all-time favourites, and the style of it played a major part in this – thanks! Heidi


Oh my gosh, I love this post! I fell in love with that apartment the first time I saw the movie and I actually own the DVD so I can “go there” from time to time. It would be so amazing to have an apartment like that!


My husband and i saw this in the theater on our honey moon. Love this movie. I so want to live in an arboretum. I dont even need the apartment. Just the lush plants and a silk water stained love seat…


Gosh I guess I have a different view of this movie than most of the commenters on here. “Green Card” is on my personal Top 5 Worst Films of All Time list — and there’s really only three films on there. But, yes, the apartment/greenhouse are gorgeous!

Goody @Curvatude

one of my fav movies…i am a romantic sap, so i especially love the scene when he has told the truth to spare her and she screams no and runs to him…

now i have to try to pull it out of the archives.

great living in!


my only disappointment with this post was that you didn’t include a source for monticello face cream… x


Kathryn, there is no such product as Monticello face cream. The screenwriters simply made it up and a mock jar was created for the film.

This entry is wonderful. Thanks for posting it, Amy