Living in a Nutshell

Image above: Classical columns on the front door drawn in chalkboard paint

Living in a Nutshell (just released yesterday!) showed up in the office last week. We’re pretty picky about books here and can be particularly hard on craft books, but I literally found myself saying “wow” on nearly page. The book is packed with more than 100 simple projects to revitalize apartments. It’s perfect for renters — almost every project is reversible or portable, and all are accomplished on a tiny budget. It actually inspired me to begin work on a kitchen makeover in my own apartment. Author Janet Lee is an Emmy Award-winning television producer (she worked for 10 years as a senior producer for the Oprah Winfrey Show) who lives in New York City where she has styled countless tiny apartments.

All images: Aimee Herring and Living in a Nutshell

Image above: New uses for vintage paint-by-numbers — a small side table gets a woodland topper.

Image above: Liquid starch is used to adhere fabric to apartment-grade cabinets. (These are easily removable when you leave.)

Image above: A custom window cover-up. From the outside, this privacy film reads “You Look Good in That.”


Who designed that curtain fabric in the last photo? It’s fabulous.


Oh my God, this is perfect! My husband is getting transferred to a big city and we’re going to have to rent (probably a much smaller place) since it’s only going to be for 2 or 3 years. This book comes right when I need it.


I second the question about who designed that fabric. It’s look great in my condo :)


Love the idea of applying fabric to the kitchen cabines. I have awful, dingy looking cabinets I absolutely hate. I know I can’t paint them so I was trying to figure out what I could do to make them over that is reversible. Such a great idea!

Amy Azzarito

Hi guys! All the details about how-tos, fabric sourcing, and project close-ups. are in the book. There are so many great ideas! Enjoy!


I’m in love with that pink and white chevron rug. Anyone know who makes it?


eveyone inquiring of the fabric– it is from Ikea! i have a few yards of it from about 2 years ago. They always have a fun and funky selection.

Sarah Reiss

Reserved the book at my local bookstore after seeing the first photo. Can’t wait to pick it up at lunch today!! Looks like my lunch hour may have to come early.


i absolutely loved the door and the kitchen was so beautiful with all the colors


Page 196 of the book tells you where to buy the fabric…it’s a very detailed resource guide full of information.


Love the privacy film on the bathroom window. Such a simple but fun idea… much more interesting than standard plain etched film.


The kitchen shot completely sold me. Just ordered a copy!


Whats film fabric,and is the fabric on the cabinets removable? Im going to try it in my apartment : )


How did the paint by numbers get installed on the table?