light switch stickers

Ok, since I started with bunny cookies today, I’m going to indulge the little kid theme a bit more. I think these light switch stickers from Molly Meg are hilarious. While they’re not quite right for my grown-up home, I think they’d be painfully adorable in a child’s room. I could even see them looking cool in a modern (adult) office. If you edited them to just the hair and glasses, they would make a fun welcome and goodbye every day at work. Click here to check out more light-switch whimsy and order online. xo, grace

Juliette Gold

They are so adorable and fun!
I’ve noticed that designed light switched and electricity plugs are becoming a trend. Do you have more info about that?


Those are cute, but I’ve never seen light switch covers that are shaped like that. Do they fit standard switch covers?

Grace Bonney


They’re stickers so I think you could probably place them anywhere on a switch you wanted to fit it :)

(the ones shown are definitely euro switches though)



Oh, these are painfully cute! We are redecorating our daughters’ room this summer–just might get these!